The mini lobster season is upon us! It starts today and ends tomorrow.

The boats are already running by my home. All sizes. Filled to the brim with people. Even kids. The limit is six lobsters per person. So every body on board counts.

I walked out on the deck. I can see way out into the ocean. There are already a ton of boats sitting on the horizon.

It is a festive time! I have participated some years. Always had a good time.

This morning however I would rather play golf. And that is what I shall be doing shortly with Yankee Jack and Aaron.

Yesterday morning started early with blood work. Fasting blood work.

Afterwards I was hungry. Figured why not have a big breakfast!

It was Harpoon Harrys and pancakes. A huge pile. Lots of butter. And even extra syrup. Harpoons heats the syrup. So good!

When breakfast was done, I headed over to the Coffee House to read the New York Times. I kept nodding. Could not keep my eyes open. Wanted to sleep.


So I left.

Went to Borders. Tried reading a book. Same result.

Too much to handle. I went home to bed and slept for 3 hours. I think I had too many carbs. Between the pancakes and syrup, I was knocked out!

I spent the afternoon at home working on friday’s radio show.

One segment of the show will be a commentary on the Catholic Church and its recent proclamation on July 15, 2010 making the ordination of women as priests a grave crime under Canon Law. Described in Latin as a delicta graviora. The Church placed female ordination in the same category of wrongdoing as the sexual abuse of children by priests.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Very few people. Michael bartending. Don from State Bank there. And two lovely ladies. Ruth and Linda.

Ruth and Linda afre two middle aged girl friends who get together once a year for a trip somewhere. This year Key West. Both are retired school teachers. Both very attractive. Both charming.

Ruth is from Safety Harbor. Somewhere up north in Florida. Once widowed, once divorced.

Linda is from Naples. Still married. She and her husband are long distance bicycle riders. They have done Miami to Marathon. Her husband is presently in Iowa participating in a 6 day bike ride. His 26th consecutive year doing it. The race is called the Registered Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa.

I did not know there were enough miles to do a 6 day bike race in Iowa. Linda told me the route is up and down the state and cross wise.

The ladies were staying at the Pier House. A good place to stay. They had hung out at Sloppy Joe’s the night before. Were uncertain what haunt they would visit last night.

Nice people. They leave today. Hope our paths cross again if and when they return to Key West.

I walked over to the Spots Page Bar for dinner. It was good for the Sports Page that I did. I was the only customer for a while!

I enjoyed my sandwich and conversation with the bartender Kristin.

The first time I met Kristin I had an instant dislike for her. It was during basketball season. I ran in. The bar was packed. I elbowed my way to the bar and asked rather abruptly what TV set for the Syracuse game. She gave me a dirty look that said slow down buddy. And walked away!

We have become friends. Even though I thought she was a bitch and she thought I was an ass when we first met.

She had all the time in the world to talk with me last night. I was her only customer! I received top shelf service. She said the cook was thrilled that I had come in. He had someone to cook for!

Then it was home to bed.

I had an e mail from my friend Anna this morning. She is in Greece. Has been there living on a boat for the whole month of July. She does it every summer.

She wrote she was off the island of Ikaria. Ikaria is locatd on the Ikarian Sea ironically. It is the place in Greek mythology where Icarius went down into the sea.

Icarius was escaping from the island of Crete. His father had made him wings of wax. Icarius was to fly away on those wings. His father warned him to stay away from the sun.

Icarius was having such a good time flying, he failed to heed his father’s warning. He flew too close to the sun. The sun melted his wings. Icarius crashed into the sea and drowned.

The line of boats going out this morning to dive for lobsters is endless. Reminds me of the old movie Mrs. Minerva with Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson. I watched it for the 100th time the other night on the Turner Classic Channel. A World War II movie. Part of it involved the fleet of private boats of all sizes that left England and crossed the English Channel to save the British soldiers stranded on the beach at Dunkirk. A virtual armada. That is how it looks this morning!

The boats this morning also bring to mind another movie. One of more recent vintage. Jaws. The boats are overloaded with people. Just like the boats going out to get the shark in Jaws.

Time to get ready for golf.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou,
    Met you in KW back around Thanksgiving and was in your 12/1/09 blog. I'm originally from Iowa and my brother is also riding in RAGBRAI. I went on one year following in my car- It's quite a sight! Crazy men and women, most are along for the partying. Hope to be back in the keys and to the Chart Room this fall- maybe we'll run into you again.

    Tom Wiederin, Indianapolis, IN

  2. If Lou would like to have an interesting Key West experience, he should play golf with Johnna. She is a male to female transsexual that resides fulltime in Key West, I also understand she loves to play golf.

    This may make an interesting story for his blog.

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