The morning is here. The anticipated tropical storm has not yet arrived.

It is called Bonnie.

It is the first storm of the season. Unusual to have either a tropical storm or hurricane this early in the season. Glad it is only a tropical storm.

I stepped outside. Not much unusual yet. A bit of a wind. The water is moving slightly faster than normal.

The event is not yet upon us!

It is coming though. Right over the Florida keys. Key West will be in the center of it.

Winds around 30-40 miles per hour. When it is actually upon us the winds can go to 50-60 miles an hour.

Not a big deal.

Wind and some rain. Actually, a lot of rain. The Key West streets will flood as usual. Key West is built at sea level. The sewer system cannot take a lot of rain at one time.

Tomorrow we will talk about Bonnie and how it was a lot of nothing.

There is one problem involving Bonnie, however. An economic one. The flood insurance program did not yet get renewed by Congress.They are screwing around with it. Ergo, any property damage caused by water will not be insurance covered.

Like extending unemployment benefits. Another government failure in a time of need.

The flood insurance issue will be one of the first topics I will be discussing on my rado show this morning. Listen in. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba, Elsewhere, watch and listen on the internet. Type KONK in the box and voila! I will be there!

Lunch yesterday was at the Lucky Day Cafe. Cuban toast with cheese and tomato and a diet Pepsi.

Then to the Coffee House. Quiet there. Read the New York papers.

Still early. I was in the mood to continue reading. To Borders! I am flirting with a book about a New York City law firm in the late 1800s. Not sure yet whether I am enjoying it enough to stay with it.

Donna and Terri were at the house when I returned home. We chatted a bit. Agreed to have dinner together.

Dinner was at La Trattoria. No Becha. Her night off. No problem. I had Donna and Terri.

We ate a little too much. Actually a whole too much. Sides of sausage and an antipasto besides main courses.

I had a good time. They had a good time. We laughed through out dinner. It was good to be dining with them again.

After dinner, Donna and Terri headed out on the town. I begged off. It was home to bed for me. It was already after 10.

I stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. Saw her light on.

Ally was still up. And keeping Lisa and Corey up. She did not want to sleep. Asked for water. Wanted her mother to sleep with her. Wanted to discuss golf with me. Anything to be up and walking around.

Love that Ally!

The wind seems to be picking up a bit. Could be my imagination. In any event, at some point today it is going to get very dark, blow and rain like hell!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Enjoying your blog which I just recently discovered while exploring the Cyber Realm. I love Key West where I certified Open Water diving over 24 years ago now. Always wanted to live there and now I have a window to that life via your blog.

    Stay dry and no wind surfing today.


    PS: Also an attorney from Va.

  2. Louis,

    I believe that the flood insurance program will cover current policy holders.

    The suspension in the program only affects those trying to purchase flood insurance.

    Also, even if the program was renewed, there is always a 30 day waiting period for coverage, after the initial purchase date.

    So people wanting to protect themselves from Bonnie, by buying insurance today, would be too late.

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