Slept late. It’s 9 o’clock. Very unusual for me.

Yesterday was full of interesting happenings.

Golf was a disaster in the morning. I reverted. Played bad.

Golfed with Yankee and Aaron. Aaron does not genrally play for money. I challanged Yankee. Told him I would play him even. No strokes.

Yankee said no way! I’ll kill you. He forced me to take 1 stroke a hole, except for the threes.

Thank God!

Here’s how bad I played. After my first two shots off the tee on hole #1, I had not yet reached the ladies tee!

This tale of woe is best told by our respective scores. I have been shooting around 105. Yankee around 100. Yesterday I shot 116. Yankee shot 93.

I had to have my worst day on the day Yankee had his best day in ages!

I lost $6.

Yankee is a gentleman. He took Aaron and me to lunch at Hogfish to celebrate his spectacular day on the course.

While we were having lunch, a bearded gentleman came over. To say hello to Yankee. It was Jeep.

Yankee introduced Jeep around.

Turns out Jeep is one of the performers at Mallory Square. One of the sunset gang. Has been performing there for years. A star in his own right!

Jeep plays a trombone and piano. He sings. He blows up and creates ballon figures for the kids.

You can recognize Jeep by the bowler hat he wears. A trademark.

Jeep had a partner in his act for years. Mo. A golden retriever. Mo unfortunately passed on. Jeep continues without Mo.

I needed a manicure. Over to see Tammy.

I was tired from golf. Stomach heavy from lunch. I actually started falling asleep as Tammy was massaging my hands.

I got home about 3. Donna and Terri were on their way out. Where are you going? To Hogfish. I just left. Terri has never been there.

I gave them directions. Hogfish in the heart of downtown Stock Island is not easy to find.

Marty is back! We agreed to meet at the Chart Room.

While sitting at the bar, Ernest Hemingway walked in. Look like him for real. He is one the Hemingway look a likes. You will recall this is Hemingway Look a Like Weekend at Sloppy Joe’s.

It was Hemingway and his wife. Actually Marvin and Sandy from Fort Pierce.

This is Marvin’s first entry into the contest. His wife insisted he try.

He just might win!

A nice couple. Warm.

Sandy told us about the marlin Marvin caught at Waikikee Beach last September. 1,245pounds! Big!

Marvin had a picture of him and the fish. The marlin was a monster. Several feet taller than Marvin. Huge!

All I could think off was The Old Man and the Sea.

Dinner was upstairs at Louie’s Backyard. Marty and I were in the mood for tapas and the view.

We both were surprised when we walked into Louie’s. Clayton and John were hosting. I did not know they were even working there. Two great guys. Well known in Key West and both well liked.

Clayton is in the process of opening a coffee house in the middle of busy Duval. A couple of doors from the French Croissant. He is remodeling. He had two bandaged fingers to prove it. Sliced them both while laying a new floor.

The place will be a winner when opened. Clayton and his wife Valerie are popular and well liked Key West figures. Additionally, the location is perfect. It is in the center of everything.

And I will be a customer! I love coffee houses and reading the newspapers. One thing Clayton must do, however. Provide the newspapers free to be read. I refuse to pay for a paper at a coffee house. A personal idiosyncrosy.

This Shirley Sherrod thing is all over TV. One day she is vilified. The next sanctified.

I thought she was a bit pompous this morning in expecting a telephone call from the President.

What will tomorrow bring reagrding her? This story is developing fast. There is a case called Pigford v. Vilsack that may play in here. Lets see what develops.

Tomorrow The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. On the internet to be seen and heard world wide at Bring up ustream and type in KONK. Voila! There I will be!

Great topics. Like Army suicides at an all time high, the federal government screwing around with flood insurance, deep water oil drilling off Cuba, gay marriage in Argentina, Holland v. Florida, an Australian Court refusing to extradite a Nazi war criminal back to Hungary, a Massachusetts lawsuit involving the sex act and an alleged fractured penis, the Gulf oil spill and more.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou:

    The Hemingway contest really isn't so much about who looks the most like EH. You have to "pay your dues" i.e. go year after year, make friends with the judges (ex-winners) and be a good ambassador for the program.

    It is said that even Earnest Hemingway would not be able to win the contest the first year he enters!

  2. The boy is opening a wine galley, Lou; not a croissant shop. No newspapers in a wine shop; just yak, yak yak.

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