Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Another great Key West day in the making!

My day yesterday was relatively quiet. I babysat. All day. Robert and Ally both sick.

Temps of 101 plus. Some coughing. Ally has a sore throat. I looked with a flashlight. Robert upchucked.

I return this morning for another day of duty. Not really a duty. A pleasure! A joy!

I told the grandkids yesterday that when Poppa gets sick, they have to come over and sit with me. All I got were blank stares in return. Guess Poppas don’t get sick.

There was no play time with them. Robert and Ally just quietly laid on the couches all day. Sick.

I had some time to work on friday’s radio show.

Every week I do a brief bit about some dumb weird laws. Every State has them. Old laws which had meaning when passed, but are meaningless now. And someone forgot to take these antiquated laws off the books.

This week I am doing West Virginia.

The City of Huntington is located in West Virginia. Many many years ago, Huntington passed a law that made it legal for a husband to beat his wife. However the beating could only take place if done in public on a Sunday on the Courthouse steps. Public flogging as it were.

The law had to have been passed a long time ago. Guess Huntington never heard of Virginia Slims. Women have come a long way! They can even vote!

I updated my materials on medical marijuana and same sex marriage. Part of the radio show will involve how banks are ripping off checking account holders with overdraft fees. Many new lawsuits in the area. There will be a bit on the move to outlaw football in 1906 because it was too dangerous and how then President Theodore Roosevelt saved the sport.

Time to get ready for my day. Too bad the grandkids are sick. I enjoy being with them.

Enjoy your day!

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