Good morning world!

Dark outside. Pitch black. And yet 6:30. It is like getting up in the middle of the night. Weird!

My radio show is this friday at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I am going to have a guest for the entire hour. Broadway star Terri White!

You may say how does this tie into legal. Easy. Terri’s recent life has been gigantically impacted by three current legal issues: Homelessness, same sex marriage and hospitalization insurance. A wow show! Listen in. KONK 1500 AM. Or even better, see and hear Terri and me on the internet at

Terri and her relatively new spouse Donna are my house guests this week. They are upstairs sleeping. I have no idea what time they came in. Probably late. There was a big time welcome home gathering at the Keys Piano Bar last night for them. Lynda Frechette spearheaded the event. When they wake up early this afternoon, they will fill me in.

It will be this afternoon. These show people sleep late! Their schedules are different from ours.

I stayed in last night. Actually I went to bed late yesterday afternoon. The cold temperature at the Seder the night before did me in. Coupled I think with my old age. I felt the beginnings of a head cold. I am very conscious of my health. So it was better to bed than out on the town.

Yesterday started as a very good day for me.

A haircut at 10. Always happy to see Lori.

Then a manicure with Tammy at her place afterwards. Her little 2 year old son was running around. A cute young man.

Just before I left home, I received a telephone call from old friend Ann. Ann and I knew each other back in Utica in the early 1960s when she was a young newspaper reporter and I a young lawyer. She left after a couple of years. I never saw her again till about 5 years ago when we ran into each other here in Key West. She and her husband were living in Big Pine.

An old friendship renewed. We get together several times a year now to catch up.

She said lets have lunch. She was buying. How could I say no.

We met at Hogfish.

Ann’s dieting. Lost 15 pounds already. It showed! I told her.

We talked for a couple of hours. It was pleasant time well spent.

Stephanie Kaple is the shoe lady. So called because she spends all her free monies on female shoes. She is also very much into the homeless. Devoted to the cause. She is executive director of a not for profit homeless organization.

She had a comment on Facebook this morning wherein she said she was “…..very excited about an awesome donation…..2 new sets of pots and pans…..we got from the good people in Key West.”

Little things mean a lot!

Remember the book The Shack I have been raving about. One of the best novels, if not the best, I have ever read. That good!

Yesterday I decided to check out the author. I had never heard of him. His name is William P. Young.

Turns out Young is Canadian, was a hotel night clerk and is the father of 6. Wrote the book. Could not get a publisher. Self published the book. The book took off. Sold over 1 million copies. Was #1 on the New York Times paperback fiction best seller list for almost 2 years.

A wow!

Golf this morning. My head cold seems to have gone away. I hope. Anyhow I shall be out there struggling.

Enjoy your day!

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