My yesterday was as the day before. Babysat. Grandkids still sick.

I bought a game for them. Bingo! But different. Instead of numbers, it had letters, fruit, toys and other objects. A good learning tool for Robert and Ally. A good learning tool for me.

The game is for ages 4-6. Robert and Ally learned quickly. It took me a few minutes.

We each won one game. Which was good! Ally had not won yet when we started the third game. She had a pout and was getting a bit testy. She does not like to lose.

Fortunately, she won the third game!

Last night was a meeting at Larry Smith’s home. We are forming a tea party. No! Only kidding!We are trying to put together a TV show. Larry, Don, Tino, Alex, Doc, Petra and others. This was our second meeting. It will be a Key West show. If we get it off the ground.

After the meeting, Don and I went out for a bite to eat.

We stopped first at the Chart Room. Michael bartending. Captain Peter at the bar. I had not seen the Captain in a couple of weeks. A good person, always.

Cheryl and Roger were there. Good to see them! They invited me to dinner friday night at Martin’s. I am looking forward to it.

Don and I walked across the street to The Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Sat at the bar. Valerie bartending.

John is manager. A Wisconsin fan. He is still hurting from the Cornell victory last week over Wisconsin. Very sensitive!

Don and I had a leisurely dinner and good conversation.

A pleasant evening all around.

I dropped Don off at Don’s Place afterwards and came directly home to bed.

Marty, where are you? You have disappeared from sight!

Jean Thornton. Lovely lady! You were in town last week and I missed you. Sorry.

Today is wednesday. Golf day. No golf for me, however. I have business matters to attend to which will take all day.

Lisa telephoned. Grandkids still sick. She and Corey are taking turns today staying home.

Try to tune into the radio show on friday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet at It will be an interesting show. Great topics! From football to sex to clean water to Aceevedo.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Marty was in KW for 2 days: One day last week and for one day yesterday. I never even made it to the Chart Room, but was at Louies Back Yard Sunday. Worked Monday and am back in Hallandale Beach. I didn't have time to see you, but next time. I did have dinner at La Trat, however, but you were not there either.

  2. A tea party might not be a bad idea. We're sticking posterity — Robert and Ally — with the bill for: the national debt, the deficit, the unfunded liabilities, and a deflated American Dream. Everyone should be upset about not paying our own way. If you don't use your voice, Robert and Ally might not pick a good nursing home for you. You could get Nurse Ratched! With the sandpaper butt wipes. Painful to the end.

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