I am being invaded today. Pleasantly so. Donna and Terri are arriving to spend a week with me.

Today marks the beginning of Passover. Donna is Jewish. And a tough Jewish Mom to boot. It is a maternal family requirement that all her children gather with her for the Passover Seder. No matter where Donna is.

So this year they will all be traveling to Key West.

The Seder dinner is at 6 tonight at Stacey’s home here in Key West. Stacey is Donna’s daughter. Nine months pregnant and waiting. Donna’s 3 sons are also coming in with their families from all parts of the northeast.

Donna and Terri have been living in New York this past year where Terri has had some terrific gigs. Terri last job was Saturday night. Donna and Terri did not leave the City till midnight. They are driving.

I have heard from them via telephone as they move along I 95 towards Key West. No stopping. They must get here today. Before 6 this evening.

What wrecks they are going to be!

The reason they are driving is that they both have clothes in storage that they want to bring back to New York with them. Terri goes into rehearsal for the Chicago revival upon their return.

My house is in tip top shape. Even put clean sheets on their bed. I am ready for them.

I join them at the Seder dinner. I have for the past two years also. I drink the 4 glasses of wine, chant, pray and eat matza and other symbolic foods. I come out of Egypt with my Jewish brethern.

Yesterday was a pleasant day.

Meet the Press from my bed. Then the drugstore where I ran into Christine. Love her! She calms Larry.

I stopped at Lisa’s for a bagel. She had bought fresh ones. I enjoy onion bagels and she had one for me. My girl!

Then I was off to the beach. The fantastic weather continues. Mid 80s with a touch of humidity.

This time it was Higgs Beach. A lot of people. Again I could only handle one hour. The sun is too much for me. But the hour was good. I sat in my sand chair and read the Sunday New York Times.

I was hungry. Salute was behind me. So I stopped in for a sandwich. Yellow snapper. Delicious!

Ran into Clayton at Salute’s. Clayton is a former premier Key West bartender. Last worked at Antonia’s and Bagatelle. Now he is self employed. Makes tee shirts. www.dirtydogtees.com.

Clayton is originally from New Zealand. Owns a condominium in Dubai. And most importnantly is married to the lovely Valerie who bartends at Hot Tin Roof.

I asked Clayton when he worked. I go to the Sports Page and he is there shooting pool. I stop at Salute’s and he is lounging at an outside table. He laughed.

Then it was home for a nap. The sun does get to me.

Dinner last night was at Lisa’s. It was Cameron’s birthday. Cameron is Corey’s son and Lisa’s step son. A good kid. Now 15 and maturing well.

Corey’s grandmother is quite old. She lives in Germany. Corey is going to visit her in June. A two week trip. He is taking Cameron. Father and son. Both are excited.

They are going to stop for a few days on the way back in London. Corey is working on his doctorate at a university just outside London. He is stopping to visit his professor.

While in London, Corey is taking Cameron to a concert of some sort. 90,000 plus people. I forget the star’s name. Not my game. But Corey and Lisa’s birthday gift to Cameron were two tickets to the concert.

Cameron went crazy!


I have to move this morning. Company coming. I need to buy some groceries. My cupboard is always bare. I cannot be a poor host.

Enjoy your day!

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