Good morning! It is Sunday!

I just went outside for a few minutes. A Key West day is starting. Already a bit warm. The sun breaking over the horizon. And I could taste the salt. First time in a long time.

Yesterday was a strange one. Started slow. Finished in good order.

I overslept. That I told you yesterday. I rarely oversleep.

My plan was to go to the beach again. The weather was perfect for it.

I never made it.

I stayed in bed all day.

Do not know why. Just did.

Watched TV. Old movies, basketball and golf. And slept a bit in between.

Marty called at dinner time. He’s back in town. We decided to meet at Michael’s for dinner.

Dinner was at the bar.

Michael’s is one of the finest restaurants in Key West. I ordered meat loaf. You figure. Guess I needed some comfort food.

Many friends at the bar. A lovely blond came up to us to say hello. We talked a bit. Who is she, I wondered. I could not place her. She then returned to her seat with friends. She was sitting two seats away from me.

Then it dawned on me! It was Janine! Janine from the Pier House. She is the outside bartender.

I had never seen Janine out of her Pier House uniform. Nor made up as she was last night. Wow! She looked terrific! I did not recognize her!

I leaned over her date and apologized. Told her why I had not recognized her. We all had a good laugh.

It turned into a big night. After dinner, Marty and I headed over to the Keys Piano Bar. It had been a couple of months since I was there. When you are not drinking, you tend to avoid bars and the like.

Brooke was waiting tables. Brooke is a young lady. Probably all of 27 or 28. Last year her grandmother was going through chemo and was losing her hair. Brooke shaved her own head. A good girl! A great granddaughter!

Last night Brooke’s hair was growing in. It was a couple of inches long. Grandma is better.

Captain Dan was bartending. The last I saw of Dan was sometime last summer. He used to work the bar at the Pier House’s Wine Galley. I would run into him when I would go over to listen to Larry Smith.

Dan is both bartender and boater. A sailboater. He owns a 42 foot sailboat.

Last summer Dan decided to change his life a bit. He had turned 50. Figured he needed a new residence. So he filled up the sailboat with his belongings and left for Puerto Rico.

Dan was traveling alone.

Somewhere south of the Bahamas and north of the Turks and Caicos, he ran into a storm. An unexpected one. A ferocious one.

The area he was in when the storm came up is also known as the Bermuda Triangle.

His sail got ripped. His boat got broken up. His body took a beating.

Dan and boat ended up on a reef. He was rescued by the Bahamian Coast Guard.

Dan ended up for a few weeks on a small island in the south Bahamas. No civilization. Just natives. He had next to no cash. Credit cards were useless. But he says the people there took care of him.

The type of story movies are made from.

Dan is healed. And wiser. Does not plan ever to travel a long distance on the ocean alone again.

Ricky was playing the piano. His hair style reminded me of Jerry Lee Lewis. A big white pompadour high up on top.

Jennifer is in from New York singing. A talent.

Ricky was playing and Jennifer singing All of Me. The lyric begins…..Why not take all of me, don’t you know I’m not happy without you!

Rickey told us Gerry Marks wrote the song. When Marks died, he was cremated. His ashes placed in a urn. A small plaque was attached to the urn. The plaque read…..”All of Me.”

It was a good evening!

Enjoy your day!

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