I grocery shopped yesterday. Donna and Terri were coming.

My cupboard is always bare. Necessities were needed. Like eggs, bacon and bread. Orange juice and milk. Yogurt. Cookies. Fruit. And booze. They drink Maker’s Mark, a bourbon whiskey.

I rarely drank at home here in Key West. Did my drinking out in bars. So I rarely went to a liquor store to make a purchase. I was shocked at the prices! It’s expensive to be an alcoholic!

Donna and Terri arrived at around 4. We had to be at her daughter’s for Seder at 5:30.

The girls looked like hell! They had been driving since midnight Saturday. They could not leave New York till Terri finished a gig. They drove straight through, except for one 5 hour stop to sleep.

A quick drink and shower and we were on our way to daughter Stacey’s home.

I did the Passover Seder with Donna’s family last year also. So I knew the guests.

The dinner is a family event. I was the only outsider. Though I did not feel nor was I treated like one.

About 20 people.

Three of Donna’s four children. Scott, Brett and Stacey. Derek could not make it. However modern science is wonderful. He was with us all night. A computer at Stacey’s and another at Derek’s in Detroit. The two Seder dinners were simulcast, so to speak. Total communication and interaction all evening.

Scott and Brett ran the show. The Seder, that is. They led the prayers and chants.

Cathy was there. A lovely lady. Scott’s wife. And Tal. Tal is Brett’s partner.

Stacey’s husband is Rob. A Key West school teacher. A good guy and a good father. Very much in love with Stacey as she is with him.

Rob’s mother Mickey joined us also. She has moved to Key West. Her husband died in December. Mickey is 80 and a joy. Never stoped talking.

Then there was Donna’s first husband and his present wife. He is father to Donna’s 4 children.
And his brother and wife from St. Louis.

And Donna’s third spouse, Terri.

Plus 4 kids from about 2 to 12.

They all had fun together. It was like my Christmas Eve.

I wore my yarmulka. In days of old, I referred to it as a beanie. Stacey’s children made it for me last year. It has my name on it.

The Seder was held outdoors. Too many people to sit in the house. A long table.

I have been telling you how great the weather has been lately. That it had finally turned. Not last night. It was 64 degrees! Cold. Windy. A cold front came upon Key West suddenly.

I was not dressed for it. No one was. I wore shorts and a shirt. Fortunately I had the good sense to bring a sweater in case it got cold. The sweater was not enough! Donna brought out a blanket to cover my legs. I have become an old man.

I cheated. I drank for the first time since October 29. A bit of wine. The 4 sips that are part of the tradition. It was Manischewitz grape wine. Fruitty. Delicious. Only 11% alcohol. I checked the label before drinking. Four sips led to 2 glasses. Oh, well.

We all prayed and sang. I did a couple of readings. Everyone read.

Scott and Brett were the masters of ceremony, for want of a better description. They did it with joy and humor.

The Seder dinner itself was outstanding. Donna usually spends 3 days cooking for it. Since she was traveling and unavailable, her children did it. And in only 2 days!

We had matza soup. Great soup. A floater. I learned it is important for the matza ball to float. In order to do so, seltzer must be added in the preparation.

Then brisket and potatoes. And turkey. And beans.

Desert was very intersting. Three types.

Matza covered with chocolate. The Jews know how to suffer!

Then 2 cakes. Both made with ground matza. Looked like cake and tasted like cake. And rose. I found that aspect interesting. That the cakes could rise. Since they were made with ground matza. No leavening. The Jews forgot the leavening when they fled Pharoh. Each cake stood proudly 2 inches tall.

That was my evening. Did it all! And then took Donna and Terri back home with me. They both needed to hit the sack immediately. I doubt they will wake before noon today. Then, Key West watch out!

Enjoy your day!

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