I overslept. Something I rarely do. It is close to 9. Wow!

I had a great time last night. I was Cheryl and Roger’s guest at dinner. Martin’s. Good food. Good company.

It was weinerschnitzel time for me.

Cheryl is a dynamic looking woman. Roger not so pretty. They are from Chicago. They have been coming to Key West the past 4 years. This year they arived in November and are leaving next week.

Cheryl and Roger have one of those monstrous mobile homes. When it Key West, they can be found at Boyd’s on Stock Island.

We have become friends over this past season. I suspect we will remain friends forever. I look forward to their return in November.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning was terrific! I seem to get more and more excited with each show. It is amazing how the radio show and this blog have taken hold!

I thought I would be baysitting after the radio show. However Lisa telephoned to tell me Robert and Ally were ok and had gone to school. It appears the antibiotics had finally took hold.

So the day was mine!

I headed for the Coffee and Tea House on Duval. Read the Key West Citizen and New York Times. Said hello to some friends. Emmet was there. Emmet is the bartender at Michael’s and also plays golf in Don’s League. A good guy.

Then I walked. The weather is finally what it should be. Warm! Mid 80s. A touch of humidity.

I am still only walking 20 minutes. Do not want to push it. The colors to be seen are beautiful. Bright and vibrant. A good time to walk. And Key West obviously a good place to walk.

Since I did not have to babysit, my afternoon was free. What to do? I decided to go to the beach. It has been months since I did so.

I opted for Smathers Beach. Close. Easy to get to. Just me, my sand chair, a towel and cap. And oh yes, a bathing suit!

I sat at about mid point on the beach. Looked to my left. Looked to my right. I was basically alone. I do not think there were a total of 50 people the entire length of the beach.

You never know who you are going to met on a a beach. Especially an empty one.

Sean! Sean my young boat captain friend. Sean of bocce. And Sean of recent tragedy.

He was walking the beach. With a friend Michael who had flown in from Boston the night before.

We talked a bit. Sean is one of the best people I have met in Key West. Solid. Good. He will make it!

I intended to spend 2 hours at the beach. No way. The sun was a killer, even with the overcast. I lasted one hour and left.

On the way home, I stopped at Lisa’s to see her and the grandkids. I sat in the easy chair and fell asleep. For a whole hour. That one hour of sun knocked me on my ass.

Lisa just telephoned. She calls me 80 times a day to see if I am alright. She was on her way to the hairdressers. As she put it, this is her free time every month. One and a half hours for her. No children, no job.

Lisa says Ally’s words as Lisa went out the door were to the effect that she, Ally, was in charge while her mother was gone. Only 4 years old!

Speaking of Lisa, take a look at her internet department store Via Key West. http://www.viakeywest.com/. She has tons more of Key West jewelry she is showing. The Key West Lou tee shirts continue to sell. She just had to reorder a new batch.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting your friends Cheryl and Roger at Martin's on her birthday. I told them I was a fan of yours! Very nice people indeed.

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