I dislike the dark in the morning when I awake.

I prefer being greeted by the sun. Especially a rising sun.

I have to hurry this morning. Grandkids sick. I am babysitting.

Robert and Ally were well when I visited them yesterday morning. They were excited. A birthday party at Fort Zachrey Taylor Beach in the afternoon.

When I returned for dinner last night, they were both knocked out on couches. Cold. Covered with blankets. Quiet. And each had a fever of 101.

They ate nothing at dinner. No appetites. Preferred to lie back on the couches where they soon fell asleep.

So this morning is my time. Soon I will have earned a Masters degree in babysitting!

Two big things yesterday!

Big, big!

Syracuse won and the health care bill passed.

I was worried about the Syracuse game. March Madness is an uncertain time. Look what St. Mary’s did to Villanova.

Syracuse was playing Gonzaga. A good little school. A known entity. Not like St. Mary’s who no one ever heard of.

Interestingly, St. Mary’s and Gonzaga play in the same league. Gonzaga had beaten St. Mary’s a couple of times this year.

I was concerned.

Should not have been.

Syracuse won big time. 20 plus points. They were ahead a couple of times by 30 points. With out Syracuse’s star center who was not playing because of a bad knee. And one of our stars, Jackson, who was on the bench for quite a while in the first half because of fouls.

A lovely game to watch!

As to the health bill, what an eye opener! These Representatives were crazy on the floor of Congress. A disgrace! Reminded me of a bunch of kids!

Throw the bums out at the next election! All of them!

I supported the health bill. We need change and improvement in the health area. So this bill is not perfect. Neither was Social Security when passed. The bill/law will be amended many times over the years. Fine tuned is the word.

Lets move on to other issues that need adressing. Like jobs. And more jobs! And more jobs on top of those. And energy and immigration.

People are hurting. March madness has its place on the basketbaall court. Not on the floor of Congress.

Oh, I cheated last night!

On the way home after dinner at Lisa’s, I had a craving for something. I was not sure what.

I stopped at Publix. A mistake.

I bought a chunk of blue cheese and a carrot cake. Then went home and ate half of both!


Actually tasted good! And went down easily.

I fell asleep early and slept well.

Enjoy your day!

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