Lisa just telephoned. Ally sick again. Have to babysit.

Yesterday Robert and Ally were both fine. Or so Lisa thought. She sent them both to school.

I spent yesterday inside. All day. Had business to attend to. What a pain! Interferred with my Key West way of life.

Even prevented me from playing golf. Me thinks my priorities are getting screwed up!

I was tired last night. The choice was go to bed or go out. Bed looked appealing. However I pushed myself to shower again and hit the road.

My dinner spot was Hogfish. Glad I went.

I sat in the bar at a small table alone. Watched the NIT and read some local papers.

The weather was absoluteely perfect. No breeze. No humidity.

The water and boats were all of 15 feet away.

Roger and Cheryl were there. They came over to say hello as they were leaving. I am having dinner with them tomorrow night at Martin’s.

A distinguished appearing gentleman came over at one point. Elderly. Like me. White haired. Well tanned.

His name was Bruce. We shook hands. He stopped to say he read my blog every day and how much he enjoyed it.

And he was gone. I know nothing else about Bruce. However I appreciated his saying hello and his comments.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and french fries. Ate everything! Left not a fry nor any part of the sandwich. Even salted the french fries.

When I finished dinner, I felt terrific! The tiredness of the day had left me. A full stomach can do wonders!

Tonight is bocce. I am ashamed to say I will miss bocce. My life is really getting screwed up. No golf yesterday and no bocce today!

Actually it is a good choice that I will not be playing bocce. Syracuse basketball! Sweet sixteen time tonight! Syracuse v. Butler at 7 pm!

Instead of the bocce courts, I will be at the Sports Page Bar watching the game. It is called priorities.

Remember it is radio show time tomorrow morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. You can see as well as listen on the internet anywhere in the world at

Tomorrow’s show is ready. A little bit of weird dumb law from the hills of West Virginia. Like it is illegal to whistle underwater. Updates on medical marijuana and same sex marriage. And some tidbits about how banks screw the public with overdraft fees, how President Theodore Roosevelt saved football, an example of where justice delayed was not justice denied, and a Florida hardcore obscenity decision that may be on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Time to move! Ally awaits! Hope she is well enough to play bingo with me. The last time I sat her, we did a huge puzzle together. The kind that takes weeks to do. I get impatient easily and walk away. Not Ally. She sits there until she finds a piece that fits. Every now and then she mumbles…..this is hard. But she does not give up. Only 4 years old!

Enjoy your day!

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