The streets of Old Town are fraught with danger. Tourists crossing streets without looking, crossing against the light, the trains and buses. One of the worst problems involves bicycles and now tricycles.

Bikes are rented all over Old Town. Key West is one of the best places in the world to ride a bike and enjoy scenery and serenity. Key West provides bike paths on many streets. Some streets are without.

Bicyclists appear to be under he impression that they are the only ones on the street. They forget there is automobile traffic. The bikes travel not on the bike paths and not to the left side. Generally down the middle of the road. Red lights and stop signs are ignored. It is as if they do not exist. Turns are made without signaling.

Driving a car can be a pressure packed experience.

Florida laws state that bikes are to be treated the same as motor vehicles. Bikes must follow the same rules of the road as autos.

Bicyclists do not.

The vacationing society is becoming older. Baby boomers are vacationing. Those older, also. A bike can be a difficult thing to maneuver as one ages. A wobbly ride as opposed to a smooth one. Ergo, the tricycle business has boomed. A tricycle is a three wheeled bike. Also known as a trike.

The tricycles are even a worse danger. They are wider than an ordinary bicycle. Especially the back wheels. More for a car to hit!

I have written this dissertation not because I do not like bicycles and tricycles. I own two bikes. Ride them often. I write because accidents are occurring and more will occur. Simply because bicycle riders are not careful in the operation of their bikes.

Riding a bicycle/tricycle and driving a car have become sad events waiting to happen on the streets of Old Town.

Cold! Very cold during the night and this morning. Fiftys during the evening. Fifty seven at the moment. The high today is projected in the low 60s.

The cold front will have moved out friday and the temperature for friday and the weekend will be in the mid 70s.

Technically, this cold front is not a normal one. Key West cold fronts generally come off the ocean. This one from the northeast U.S. Whenever the weather is extremely cold up north, it stretches down to the Florida keys. We feel the impact. Our temps drop. Though no where near what it does in the north country.

Visited Jake yesterday. He was outside chasing tiny lizards/geckos. What a happy life!

Did Dante’s for lunch. An outdoor restaurant/bar on the water front. I ate at one of the bars. There were heaters overhead so the cold was not a problem.

Afterwards worked on last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou.

Sloan came over and worked with me a while.

The blog talk radio show last night was a good one. Discussed at length two topics. The Cyprus bank situation and the U.S. Supreme Court same sex marriage issue.

For the second week in a row, a screw up occurred. No one could hear me!

I do not know the source of the problem. Those who called in could hear me as they waited. Everyone else, nothing.


The show is archived and available 24 hours a day. Even though I was not heard at the time of the broadcast, for whatever reason the archive recording was not affected.  Ninety per cent of my listeners tune into the archive and will be able to hear it at any time. Not all was lost.

I have been in communication with the blog talk people. An Allan is supposed to call me to work the problem out.

I apologize to those who could not hear me last night. Disappointing to all of us. Please return next week.

The Key West Citizen reported this morning that the lobster and stone crab fishermen are complaining that this has been one of the worse seasons ever. One fisherman claimed it has been the worst in 40 years.

We Key Westers have been aware of the situation. Fishing friends frequent the Chart Room and Hogfish. May next year be better!

I must go out on the town this evening! I have been in 2-3 nights in a row. Need to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the company of others.

Enjoy your day!





Lazy is becoming my middle name! This is the second day in a row I have stayed in bed late. 10:30. Watched Meet the Press and Chris Wallace. For whatever reason, I am treating this holiday weekend as a holiday.

The older one gets, the more that person believes he/she knows everything. It is the result of the aging process. You have been alive so long, that your experiences make you soooo smart.

And then something happens to prove the error of your thinking. Or maybe that exceptions are common place.

I spoke of my disappointment in not being able to see a blue moon in yesterday’s blog. I actually thought the moon was going to be blue colored for whatever reason.

I was wrong as to the meaning of blue moon. I received more emails, telephone calls and personal comment regarding my error than for anything else I have ever written. As a result, I have learned something new. Which is another way of admitting you are never too old to learn.

One of blue moon’s meanings is two full moons in one month. Not a frequent occurrence. Never in all of my 77 years did I know. Because it is such a rare occurrence, the phrase “…once in a blue moon” developed.

I did a little home work. I wanted to know more about blue moon.

The term has been bandied around some 400 years. It was associated in its earlier times with betrayal.

The significant date for our purposes is January 31, 1980. Relatively recently. There is an observatory at the University of Texas. The McDonald Observatory. Studies the stars, astronomy, space and the like. McDonald Observatory also sponsors a daily radio show. Star Date. The show is very popular. It broadcasts on more than 300 stations. In Star Date’s radio show of January 31, 1980, the term blue moon was used to describe the two full moons in one month phenomenon. Blue moon took off in popularity from that time forward.

For the record, the term had been mentioned off and on in the years immediately preceding 1980 referring to the two full moons in one month, but never achieved notoriety.

College football has returned! Syracuse played Northwestern yesterday. Syracuse lost by one point, 42-41. I caught the second half of the game. Syracuse was down 22 points. But came back! Northwestern was just one play better at the end.

I am not disappointed in the loss. Syracuse’s problem appears to be defense. This is still rebuilding time. I suspect we will have a winning season in spite of this loss.

Shopped yesterday. The cupboard was really bare!

Sloan stopped over in the early afternoon. We are still working on You Tube, amongst other things.

Later in the afternoon, I wrote my weekly column for KONK Life. It will be published next Thursday. The article is entitled Texas Judge Warns of Civil War.

There is a judge in Lubbock County, Texas, who believes that if Obama is reelected there will be a civil war. He claims Obama will turn the government of the United States over to the United Nations. Where this nut theory came from, I do not know. In any event, the judge claims the people will not put up with it. They will take up arms. It will be Concord and Lexington all over again. Obama will send in United Nations troops to put down the revolt. The civil war will then begin in earnest.

The Chart Room first last night. JJ bartending. Many drinkers. I knew none. All tourists. I stayed a while and left.

There is a new restaurant/bar on the waterfront. The Boathouse. It has been there less than a year. It is downstairs from the Commodore. The people who own the Commodore opened the Boathouse.

I tried the boathouse for the first time. Good! Great location. Open aired. Excellent food. Reasonable prices. I recommend it.

Enjoy your Labor Day Sunday!




It is Saturday morning of the Labor Day Weekend. I am mentally and physically into the holiday. I just got out of bed! Ten in the morning!

Yesterday started with my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Fun! I enjoy sitting with the mike in front of me and sharing my views with the world.

There were many interesting topics yesterday. I was surprised at the one that received the most post show comment. It concerned Solly the hippopotamus.

Solly lived in South Africa.  He was four years old. He got involved in a dominance fight with other male elephants in his herd. He lost. He was cast out of the herd. The other elephants chased Solly away. He ended up falling into an eight foot deep pool at a hunting lodge.

Solly died after 3 days. The vet said from stress. First from losing the dominance battle and being thrown out of the herd. Then Solly’s inability to extricate himself from the pool. It was too much for Solly. His heart gave out.

There were many other tales seemingly more important. Solly obviously touched many hearts.

While I was reviewing my notes prior to the show, a couple entered the studio. I had never seen them before. I assumed they were there to see Guy de Boer, the owner. The woman said no. We are looking for you.

The lady’s name was Valynne Bernetich. His name Paul.

Valynne is a loyal reader of this blog. We communicate occasionally via Facebook. We had never met face to face.

I knew Valynne was in Key West for a few days. My evenings were not normal this past week, however. The Republican Convention kept me away from my usual haunts. I never got to meet Valynne.

She found me. Just before 10 in the morning at KONK Broadcast. She brought gifts. Two bottles of red wine. For which I thank Valynne once more.

Valynne and Paul were leaving later in the morning to return to Portland, Oregon. Soon to leave Portland. They will be resettling in San Antonio.

We talked very few minutes. My show was due to start.

I look forward to their next visit when we can spend more time together.

Lunched at the bar at Harpoon Harry’s. I had a craving for ham and eggs. Satisfied it while reading the newspapers.

Then it was up the street to the Plantation Coffee House.

Theo and Diane own and operate the Coffee House. They transplanted themselves from California to open the business here in Key West. Theo’s origins are interesting. He is originally from Holland. He has an unmistakable northwest European accent.

Dinner last night at Michael’s. Enjoyed the house specialty. A veal chop. My mouth waters even now recalling it.

Womenfest is around the corner. It is an annual international meeting of lesbians. Held in Key West. Womenfest starts Tuesday and runs through Sunday. The ladies take over the town. A few thousand of them.

Three had come in early to enjoy the holiday weekend prior to the convention. They were dining Michael’s bar, also. We chatted. Turns out they are good friends with Donna and Terri.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Kurt bartending. We talked about miscellaneous things.

Then home to bed. Almost forgot. I drove home with the top down. Wanted to see the blue moon. Saw the full moon. It was not blue. Why, I do not know.

Enjoy your day!