It is Saturday morning of the Labor Day Weekend. I am mentally and physically into the holiday. I just got out of bed! Ten in the morning!

Yesterday started with my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Fun! I enjoy sitting with the mike in front of me and sharing my views with the world.

There were many interesting topics yesterday. I was surprised at the one that received the most post show comment. It concerned Solly the hippopotamus.

Solly lived in South Africa.  He was four years old. He got involved in a dominance fight with other male elephants in his herd. He lost. He was cast out of the herd. The other elephants chased Solly away. He ended up falling into an eight foot deep pool at a hunting lodge.

Solly died after 3 days. The vet said from stress. First from losing the dominance battle and being thrown out of the herd. Then Solly’s inability to extricate himself from the pool. It was too much for Solly. His heart gave out.

There were many other tales seemingly more important. Solly obviously touched many hearts.

While I was reviewing my notes prior to the show, a couple entered the studio. I had never seen them before. I assumed they were there to see Guy de Boer, the owner. The woman said no. We are looking for you.

The lady’s name was Valynne Bernetich. His name Paul.

Valynne is a loyal reader of this blog. We communicate occasionally via Facebook. We had never met face to face.

I knew Valynne was in Key West for a few days. My evenings were not normal this past week, however. The Republican Convention kept me away from my usual haunts. I never got to meet Valynne.

She found me. Just before 10 in the morning at KONK Broadcast. She brought gifts. Two bottles of red wine. For which I thank Valynne once more.

Valynne and Paul were leaving later in the morning to return to Portland, Oregon. Soon to leave Portland. They will be resettling in San Antonio.

We talked very few minutes. My show was due to start.

I look forward to their next visit when we can spend more time together.

Lunched at the bar at Harpoon Harry’s. I had a craving for ham and eggs. Satisfied it while reading the newspapers.

Then it was up the street to the Plantation Coffee House.

Theo and Diane own and operate the Coffee House. They transplanted themselves from California to open the business here in Key West. Theo’s origins are interesting. He is originally from Holland. He has an unmistakable northwest European accent.

Dinner last night at Michael’s. Enjoyed the house specialty. A veal chop. My mouth waters even now recalling it.

Womenfest is around the corner. It is an annual international meeting of lesbians. Held in Key West. Womenfest starts Tuesday and runs through Sunday. The ladies take over the town. A few thousand of them.

Three had come in early to enjoy the holiday weekend prior to the convention. They were dining Michael’s bar, also. We chatted. Turns out they are good friends with Donna and Terri.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Kurt bartending. We talked about miscellaneous things.

Then home to bed. Almost forgot. I drove home with the top down. Wanted to see the blue moon. Saw the full moon. It was not blue. Why, I do not know.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “VALYNNE BERNETICH

  1. Great show yesterday! Hope you have a fun college football weekend & pull the Orangemen through today 🙂

    Have a good ‘un!

    Billy & Cindy
    Austin, Texas

  2. We weren’t expecting to actually walk into the studio on Friday – thought we would be leaving the wine with reception (goes to show what little we know about the radio business). It was great to finally meet you, even if the timing was off! We packed so much in to our three nights in Key West, cut down from five owing to Isaac fears. It was fun to go to the places you’ve mentioned here on the blog (Don’s Place, Chartroom, Harpoon Harry’s, Michael’s – just to name a few) and we won’t let another four years go by before our next visit. We care for properties and pets across the US and our next “sit” is for one year in Santa Fe, so maybe we will find ourselves there sometime in 2014 : ) You are very welcome for the wine, and thank YOU for keeping us entertained/informed on a daily basis via this blog and your radio show. XOX, Valynne & Paul

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