Saturday is normally out on the town for me in the evening. Not yesterday.

My whole away from home experience yesterday was watching the Syracuse/North Carolina game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub from noon to 2.. I went home intending to attend to a few matters and head out again around 5. Never made it. I started researching what will be this week’s KONK Life column. By the time I finished, it was after 7. I did not feel like going anywhere.

The column will involve a recent federal court decision declaring Florida’s law requiring welfare applicants to get a drug test unconstitutional. Pee in the cup is no longer or until and if a higher court decides otherwise. The article also includes Governor Scott’s involvement and support for the law. He pushed drug testing for welfare recipients. You will find his interaction most interesting.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! Wow! Beat North Carolina yesterday 57-45. It was Syracuse all the way. North Carolina was never in the game, except for the first few minutes. Syracuse did a typical game start. North Carolina was up 8-2 before the ‘Cuse got rolling.

32,000 watched the game at the Carrier dome. For 20 years, I watched every home game at the Carrier Dome. Exciting years with each game an exciting experience.

Jim Vitale announced. Syracuse fans all were thrilled with his presence. Said with tongue in cheek. I have never heard Vitale say anything good about Syracuse or Boeheim. Some place way back, he and Boeheim must have had a run in.

It was different yesterday. Vitale could not say enough good things about Syracuse and Boeheim. He ventured that Syracuse was a championship game team. He also thought Boeheim was Coach of the Year thus far. He could not say enough nice things about Syracuse.

Skaneateles Dan and I watched the game together.

There is an interesting person in Key West today. His name is Kenneth Morris, Jr. He is the great, great, great grandson of Frederick Douglas and also a descendant of Booker T. Washington. His presence is sponsored by The Little White House.

Morris has been described as a modern day abolitionist. Today’s human traffic is one of his concerns. It is the topic he will be addressing.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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