Music maestro! A day of days is upon us! Actually, upon the ladies.

A female sex enhancer begins sales today. Called Addyi. FDA approved. The Viagra equivalent.

Addyi does not work the same for women as Viagra does for men. Addyi fights low libido in women. Works on the brain.

The pill pink as opposed to blue.

I am happy that women will have the opportunity to be happier. I do have a concern, however. Is the pill safe? It was twice rejected by the FDA. There is question even today that the pill might not have been tested sufficiently.

The approval/sale of Addyi is considered a victory for women. A gender equality thing. Most feminists groups pushed hard for approval.

The company manufacturing Addyi spent considerable dollars pushing for approval. In excess of $100 million. Which raises the question whether the approval was the result of an industry spin job. Pushed along by pressure from feminists groups.

A prescription is required.

I am interested to see what the cost of a month’s supply will be. Viagra to this day is extremely expensive. Like $400 for a one month supply of ten pills. Not covered by most insurance companies. The ladies will be shocked if Addyi costs in the same area and in addition not be covered. Addyi will probably cost more than a one month supply of birth control pills.

Whatever, it is a glorious new day for ladies! Enjoy and God bless!

The anti-gravity treadmill first yesterday morning. Love it! Moved up a few notches yesterday. It has been a trip. First, two days a week. Then, three. Now, four. Moving speed and mileage up a bit occasionally.

Rushed home after working out on the machine. I was due on radio 104.9 at 12:10 to be interviewed on KONK News by Guy de Boer. Got 15 minutes yesterday. Guy and I discussed this week’s KONK Life column Worse Ever Congress.

Last night strange! Very strange!

It was pouring rain. I wore my yellow slicker. It was coming down that hard.

My first stop was the Chart Room. I forgot that on rainy days the bars are full. The Chart Room was. All tourists. Raising hell and having a good time.

I stood at the end of the bar, had one drink and left. Too crowded and noisy for me.

It was still raining heavy. I decided against Hot Tin Roof because of the walk to the restaurant in the rain. Slicker or not, it would have been messy and uncomfortable.

I had a brilliant idea. Tavern ‘n Town at the Marriott Beachside. I could park in the connected  garage and walk into the hotel. Would not even need to wear the slicker.

It was not to be. The Navy Ball was at the Marriott last night. Parking impossible. Parking attendants outside waving cars around. My garage was full. I would have had to park three garages down and outside. A worse walk than to Hot Tin Roof.

Screw it! I would go to Roostica.

Because of the rain, everyone must have decided to eat out last night in addition to drinking. I could not even get into Roostica’s parking lot. Cars parked on the street, also. So much for Roostica!

Hogfish next! Good luck! As I drove by, I could see people standing just inside waiting for a table.

I went home! Stripped down to some comfortable clothes and cooked myself a steak. Enjoyed a gin before, of course.

This afternoon, Syracuse and Virginia meet in a football clash. Syracuse has a significantly better record. However, Virginia is a one touchdown favorite. I hope I can get the game on television.

Still bad weather in Key West. I suspect a rainy day and evening.

Enjoy your day!


It finally happened. We lost a bocce match last night. The first of the season. Ballz Against the Wall beat us 2-1.

We killed them in the first game. Trounced them. Game 2, they trounced us just as bad in return. Game 3 was no different. They trounced us again.

I played game 2. Terribly!

We will drop one or two places in the rankings.

A Joe Liszka addendum. Iowa’s Tom and Cindy e-mailed me yesterday a video titled A Tribute To Frank Romano. It can be found on You Tube.

Frank and Joe were one. The video shows their relationship and the obvious love they had for each other. As well as the humorous nature of each.

Stone crab season opened yesterday. One of the best foods in the world. They will be enjoyed by many here in Key West this weekend.

Yesterday morning, the anti-gravity treadmill. Later this morning, once again. I will get to chat with my new found friend Dave who uses the machine just before me friday mornings.

Cuban Queen for Cuban coffee and cheese toast for lunch yesterday. Stayed well over an hour enjoying the newspapers.

My trip home from the Cuban Queen took forever. I opted to get to US 1 via Flagler. Traffic backed up many blocks. Moving an inch at a time, when it moved. I could see the Boulevard in the distance. Nothing moving.

I decided to try coming up via the Boulevard. Took a sharp left into one of the side streets. Ended up making a right onto the Boulevard at First Bank. Traffic normal.

Only for 200 feet. Then nothing moving. It seemed like forever in both lanes.

Has to be a big accident, I thought. One and a half hours later as I was turning onto US 1, I noticed neither an accident nor road construction. Many police officers, however.

US 1 up to Macdonald bumper to bumper slowly, also.

I was taxed. Not from the delay. I can handle such things. However, the anxiety from a gas tank on empty. No where on the Boulevard could I position myself to get into a gas station. I kept thinking this is no place to run out of gas!

Syracuse plays Virginia tomorrow. Syracuse a one touchdown underdog. After last week’s game, I am back to a no comment position.

This morning’s E-Blast carries this week’s KONK Life column. Worse Ever Congress.

I will be discussing the column when Guy de Boer interviews me on 104.9 at 12:10 pm. All of ten minutes! Listen in, if you can.

Enjoy your day!



One of Key West’s finest passed on yesterday. Joe Liszka. A gentleman.

Joe and his partner of many years Frank Romano started Key West Aloe. The business took off. It became a multi million dollar world wide operation.

Joe was one of the founders of Fantasy Fest. Way back when Key West was dead in October. Frank thought Fantasy Fest was a way to bring tourists in during the slow season. How right he was.

I have only known Joe for two years. We met at WeBeFit. Joe had been working out a while when I started. He was way ahead of me. Tougher, also. I did not last too long. Had to quit after I popped two ribs.

Joe and I were neighbors in Key West. I was welcome in his home.

I last saw Joe two weeks ago. He did not look well. I asked how the gym was going. He said he was not doing it any more. I did not press for details. It was obvious his time was limited.

Joe’s obituary is in this morning’s Key West Citizen. I suggest you read it. A family obituary. A niece talking about her uncle. A warm remembrance.

Last night and this morning, the national news is mentioning an upstate New York Republican Congressman who commented that the sub-committee investigating Benghazi/Hillary had gone too far afield re Hillary. The Congressman, Richard Hanna.

Richard would be my Congressman if I were still living in Utica. I knew Richard as one business person to another. We did not have a personal relationship.

Richard was a contractor. Excavations primarily. The son of dairy farmers. A straight arrow. Only way to describe Richard. Soft spoken. Always up front. A no bullshit guy.

Though I was not close to the Congressman, I was close to one of his best friends. Albert Mazloom. Albert cut from the same cloth as Richard. I always thought no wonder they are so close. A birds of the feather flock together thing.

My yesterday began once again with the anti-gravity treadmill. I keep increasing  the speed. A bit each time. I have not adjusted yet, however.

Stopped at the Marriott Beachside bar for lunch. Outside by the pool overlooking the ocean. The ambiance brings me to the place.

Last night, Don’s Place for quite a while. Don, Stephanie, David, Keith, John and Jimmy. Bocce a big part of discussion for Don, David and me. Tonight a big match. The team is only a 1/2 game behind us in the rankings. A test for us.

On the way home, I stopped at Outback for something to eat.

This week’s KONK Life column Worse Ever Congress linked to my Key West Lou website this morning.

Enjoy your day!



Happy Columbus Day!

Italian-Americans consider it their holiday. So do many other groups not Italian in any fashion.

Native Americans in recent years are claiming the day as theirs also. Properly so! Columbus promised to return with ships full of gold. He found no gold. To compensate, he took captured Indians back to Spain. The Indians were sold into slavery. He did this on two successive trips.

Columbus was not as nice a guy as thought.

This year, Columbus Day is October 12. Next year, October 10. In 2017, October 9. The reason is that Columbus Day by law is the second monday in October.

Oregon does not recognize Columbus Day. Why, I am not certain. A small Italian-American population perhaps? Or maybe they just do not like persons of Italian origin.

Speaking of Oregon, shame befell the state last friday. Obama visited to commiserate with the parents of the college students killed and to speak out against gun violence.

Gun supporters showed up. Hundreds or thousands depending which news release read. Signs and yells ridiculing the President. All an insult to the President. Signs like Go Back to Kenya, Obama Not welcome, Go Golf, and Go Home. Shouts of traitor and Benedict Arnold.

Respect, where have you gone?

The organizer of the gun supporters was Casey Runyan. A man with a checkered background. Not qualified to lead in any sense. Google him.

Needed Sloan in the afternoon. I could not tie together my KONK column. New material joined with a column I did two years ago. I am not computer literate. It took her all of 30 seconds.

This week’s KONK Life column is titled Worse Ever Congress. Can anyone argue with me?

Tavern ‘n Town last night. Since I never got out saturday night, I felt entitled to a good meal. I was not disappointed.

Judy bartending. A wonderful woman!

Michael Thomas entertaining. Three couples came in. Obviously on vacation. Sat at the corner of the bar near Michael. Ate and drank. Danced in between bites. A great sight, I thought. The six quietly enjoying their time away from home and responsibilities.

I was glad to see the U.S. win the President’s Cup. We have not been doing well in recent years against foreign competition. Close. 15 1/2 to 14 1/2.

Hillary came out for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership. Finally. She really is against it. Has supported the pact from day one. Politically unpopular for her to do so during a Presidential quest, however.

Obama supports the agreement, also. I do not understand why.

The agreement is nothing more than a license for other countries to steal from the U.S. It is next to impossible for the U.S. to compete. How can we against countries that pay workers significantly less per hour.

Bill Clinton got a similar type bill passed. Bush and Cheney supported the concept. Look at the results.

The pact is not good for America.

Volkswagen’s U.S. CEO appeared before a Congressional committee this past week. Apologetic. Eleven million cars involved. By his own testimony, it will take years to correct the problem.

The worst that will happen to Volkswagen is a stiff fine. A drop in the bucket compared to the profit they made over the years by failing to construct cars per the law.

The bad guys always seem to win.

Enjoy your day!


My Saturday was easy and pleasurable. It was all day and night at home, however.

I slept late. Not a bad way to start a day.

Then got started researching this week’s KONK Life column. Worse Ever Congress. I did not decide on a topic till Saturday morning. Ergo, I had a lot to do.

I worked at it till 3:30.

The Syracuse/South Florida game. A disaster! Took me through 7:30. Grabbed some left overs out of the refrigerator. Then back to the column for a couple more hours. A little fine tuning and it will be done today.

The game was horrible! Syracuse lost 45-24. Syracuse was listless in the first half. Reminded me of many recent year Syracuse games. Syracuse looked better in the second half. Decidedly better. Like the team we have come to expect this year.

Victory was not to be. South Florida played exceptional football. Syracuse’s fabled defense non existent.

Too many Syracuse running plays in the first half. The ball should have been thrown more. When it was in the second half, Syracuse looked a hell of a lot better.

The Southernmost Marathon yesterday. 26.2 miles. Impressive. Never a desire of mine to do one.

Charlotte ran. Tried to figure where she came in. However, I started getting cross-eyed going down the columns.

Bocce rankings in the paper. Our team alone in second place with a 17-4 record. First place team has a 19-2 record. In third place is Balls To The Wall. 16-4. A half game behind us.

We play Balls To the Wall this Thursday. Serious bocce. Exciting!

Stone crab season begins Thursday. Love stone crabs! Look forward to enjoying them again.

Enjoy your Sunday!