Happy Columbus Day!

Italian-Americans consider it their holiday. So do many other groups not Italian in any fashion.

Native Americans in recent years are claiming the day as theirs also. Properly so! Columbus promised to return with ships full of gold. He found no gold. To compensate, he took captured Indians back to Spain. The Indians were sold into slavery. He did this on two successive trips.

Columbus was not as nice a guy as thought.

This year, Columbus Day is October 12. Next year, October 10. In 2017, October 9. The reason is that Columbus Day by law is the second monday in October.

Oregon does not recognize Columbus Day. Why, I am not certain. A small Italian-American population perhaps? Or maybe they just do not like persons of Italian origin.

Speaking of Oregon, shame befell the state last friday. Obama visited to commiserate with the parents of the college students killed and to speak out against gun violence.

Gun supporters showed up. Hundreds or thousands depending which news release read. Signs and yells ridiculing the President. All an insult to the President. Signs like Go Back to Kenya, Obama Not welcome, Go Golf, and Go Home. Shouts of traitor and Benedict Arnold.

Respect, where have you gone?

The organizer of the gun supporters was Casey Runyan. A man with a checkered background. Not qualified to lead in any sense. Google him.

Needed Sloan in the afternoon. I could not tie together my KONK column. New material joined with a column I did two years ago. I am not computer literate. It took her all of 30 seconds.

This week’s KONK Life column is titled Worse Ever Congress. Can anyone argue with me?

Tavern ‘n Town last night. Since I never got out saturday night, I felt entitled to a good meal. I was not disappointed.

Judy bartending. A wonderful woman!

Michael Thomas entertaining. Three couples came in. Obviously on vacation. Sat at the corner of the bar near Michael. Ate and drank. Danced in between bites. A great sight, I thought. The six quietly enjoying their time away from home and responsibilities.

I was glad to see the U.S. win the President’s Cup. We have not been doing well in recent years against foreign competition. Close. 15 1/2 to 14 1/2.

Hillary came out for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership. Finally. She really is against it. Has supported the pact from day one. Politically unpopular for her to do so during a Presidential quest, however.

Obama supports the agreement, also. I do not understand why.

The agreement is nothing more than a license for other countries to steal from the U.S. It is next to impossible for the U.S. to compete. How can we against countries that pay workers significantly less per hour.

Bill Clinton got a similar type bill passed. Bush and Cheney supported the concept. Look at the results.

The pact is not good for America.

Volkswagen’s U.S. CEO appeared before a Congressional committee this past week. Apologetic. Eleven million cars involved. By his own testimony, it will take years to correct the problem.

The worst that will happen to Volkswagen is a stiff fine. A drop in the bucket compared to the profit they made over the years by failing to construct cars per the law.

The bad guys always seem to win.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “COLUMBUS DAY

  1. Politicians, and the political class, are a plague upon this country. Until “We, The Sheeple” wake up and treat them accordingly, nothing will change. Perhaps, with nullification and secession, “we” can cut the problem down to size.

  2. I’ve wondered for 5 decades why we recognize Columbus. After his 4 trips he still never found this country and left a train load of chit behind on each trip.
    Its been know for 5 decades that Eric the Red and his son were here and established a settlement in the 10th century. Greenland was green back then and they couldn’t return once the Little Ice Age reared its ugly head in the 14th century.
    The Knights Templar were also here in the early 14th century and mapped the St Lawrence and the great lakes.
    Of course our school history books are and have been full of mis-history.


    obama just had to politicize the recent shooting. He can’t let a crisis go to waste. He thinks he can continue or advance with his agenda. Family feelings and respect be damned.
    The protest should have been held, but, it should have been done so politely/civilly.
    But, had it been polite and civil he may not have understood the point of it. As much of a narcissist as he is, I doubt he got the point anyway.

  4. Columbus is the first European to become hopelessly lost and refuse to ask directions. He is an Icon to the American male. So we have a Holiday to honor him.

  5. Actually I guess I am wrong. According to some high school seniors recently asked about celebrating Columbus Day they said it was because he discovered Ohio way back in 1942. Learn something new every day.

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