One of Key West’s finest passed on yesterday. Joe Liszka. A gentleman.

Joe and his partner of many years Frank Romano started Key West Aloe. The business took off. It became a multi million dollar world wide operation.

Joe was one of the founders of Fantasy Fest. Way back when Key West was dead in October. Frank thought Fantasy Fest was a way to bring tourists in during the slow season. How right he was.

I have only known Joe for two years. We met at WeBeFit. Joe had been working out a while when I started. He was way ahead of me. Tougher, also. I did not last too long. Had to quit after I popped two ribs.

Joe and I were neighbors in Key West. I was welcome in his home.

I last saw Joe two weeks ago. He did not look well. I asked how the gym was going. He said he was not doing it any more. I did not press for details. It was obvious his time was limited.

Joe’s obituary is in this morning’s Key West Citizen. I suggest you read it. A family obituary. A niece talking about her uncle. A warm remembrance.

Last night and this morning, the national news is mentioning an upstate New York Republican Congressman who commented that the sub-committee investigating Benghazi/Hillary had gone too far afield re Hillary. The Congressman, Richard Hanna.

Richard would be my Congressman if I were still living in Utica. I knew Richard as one business person to another. We did not have a personal relationship.

Richard was a contractor. Excavations primarily. The son of dairy farmers. A straight arrow. Only way to describe Richard. Soft spoken. Always up front. A no bullshit guy.

Though I was not close to the Congressman, I was close to one of his best friends. Albert Mazloom. Albert cut from the same cloth as Richard. I always thought no wonder they are so close. A birds of the feather flock together thing.

My yesterday began once again with the anti-gravity treadmill. I keep increasing  the speed. A bit each time. I have not adjusted yet, however.

Stopped at the Marriott Beachside bar for lunch. Outside by the pool overlooking the ocean. The ambiance brings me to the place.

Last night, Don’s Place for quite a while. Don, Stephanie, David, Keith, John and Jimmy. Bocce a big part of discussion for Don, David and me. Tonight a big match. The team is only a 1/2 game behind us in the rankings. A test for us.

On the way home, I stopped at Outback for something to eat.

This week’s KONK Life column Worse Ever Congress linked to my Key West Lou website this morning.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. I used to buy Key West Aloe stuff at the Haitian Perfume Factory in Petion-Ville up in the hills above Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the 1970s. The owner was Sue Seitz who co-ran the infamous Hotel Oloffson where Key West local Marion Stevens used to stay when she went to Haiti under the pretext of only there to buy the cheap paintings for resale at high price on her Duval Street gallery.

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