Music maestro! A day of days is upon us! Actually, upon the ladies.

A female sex enhancer begins sales today. Called Addyi. FDA approved. The Viagra equivalent.

Addyi does not work the same for women as Viagra does for men. Addyi fights low libido in women. Works on the brain.

The pill pink as opposed to blue.

I am happy that women will have the opportunity to be happier. I do have a concern, however. Is the pill safe? It was twice rejected by the FDA. There is question even today that the pill might not have been tested sufficiently.

The approval/sale of Addyi is considered a victory for women. A gender equality thing. Most feminists groups pushed hard for approval.

The company manufacturing Addyi spent considerable dollars pushing for approval. In excess of $100 million. Which raises the question whether the approval was the result of an industry spin job. Pushed along by pressure from feminists groups.

A prescription is required.

I am interested to see what the cost of a month’s supply will be. Viagra to this day is extremely expensive. Like $400 for a one month supply of ten pills. Not covered by most insurance companies. The ladies will be shocked if Addyi costs in the same area and in addition not be covered. Addyi will probably cost more than a one month supply of birth control pills.

Whatever, it is a glorious new day for ladies! Enjoy and God bless!

The anti-gravity treadmill first yesterday morning. Love it! Moved up a few notches yesterday. It has been a trip. First, two days a week. Then, three. Now, four. Moving speed and mileage up a bit occasionally.

Rushed home after working out on the machine. I was due on radio 104.9 at 12:10 to be interviewed on KONK News by Guy de Boer. Got 15 minutes yesterday. Guy and I discussed this week’s KONK Life column Worse Ever Congress.

Last night strange! Very strange!

It was pouring rain. I wore my yellow slicker. It was coming down that hard.

My first stop was the Chart Room. I forgot that on rainy days the bars are full. The Chart Room was. All tourists. Raising hell and having a good time.

I stood at the end of the bar, had one drink and left. Too crowded and noisy for me.

It was still raining heavy. I decided against Hot Tin Roof because of the walk to the restaurant in the rain. Slicker or not, it would have been messy and uncomfortable.

I had a brilliant idea. Tavern ‘n Town at the Marriott Beachside. I could park in the connected  garage and walk into the hotel. Would not even need to wear the slicker.

It was not to be. The Navy Ball was at the Marriott last night. Parking impossible. Parking attendants outside waving cars around. My garage was full. I would have had to park three garages down and outside. A worse walk than to Hot Tin Roof.

Screw it! I would go to Roostica.

Because of the rain, everyone must have decided to eat out last night in addition to drinking. I could not even get into Roostica’s parking lot. Cars parked on the street, also. So much for Roostica!

Hogfish next! Good luck! As I drove by, I could see people standing just inside waiting for a table.

I went home! Stripped down to some comfortable clothes and cooked myself a steak. Enjoyed a gin before, of course.

This afternoon, Syracuse and Virginia meet in a football clash. Syracuse has a significantly better record. However, Virginia is a one touchdown favorite. I hope I can get the game on television.

Still bad weather in Key West. I suspect a rainy day and evening.

Enjoy your day!


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