We have had a crocodile sighting on a rock off Fort Zach Beach. Purportedly not a human biting one. There have been other croc and alligator sightings recently. Now we learn of Nile crocodiles.

Nile crocs are not native to Florida waters. They come from Africa. Big things. Grow to 20 feet. Eat humans.

So far three Nile croc sightings in Florida swamps. No one can explain how they got here.

As to native crocs and alligators, State authorities say we have shared Florida waters with them for centuries. The intimation being we should not be concerned. It is their territory as well as ours. We must learn to live together.

Hard to buy when one is discovered feet off For Zach Beach.

Today is day one of mini lobster season. It is off to a slow start.

I was up early this morning to sit on the deck and watch the boats rushing out. Fifty by my deck easily. For 16 years. not this year.

The water is choppy today. Cloudy and gray. Only two boats have gone by.

The weather is screwing up everyone’s fun.

My blog talk radio show last night. The topic I spent most time discussing involves protests at the Republican and Democratic Conventions. Outside protests. Little media reporting re same.

Black Lives Matter were out in the hundreds in Philadelphia yesterday. Marched to the fence of the convention center. Things a bit rowdy.

No comment from the media.  One TV reporter did comment last night that things were heating up a bit outside. He thought they were Sanders dissidents who had walked out.

I worry demonstration news is being kept from us intentionally.

The Mosquito Control Board members are an inept bunch. Their values misplaced. The Zika situation has removed their scab.

I wrote a few days ago that the Board paid its employees extremely well. They were in the process of beginning construction of a new $4.4 million building. And…..had approved a 45 percent tax hike

Now, I find out that being a Board member is a good deal. Each board member is paid $24,000 a year. Twelve meetings. Plus, they are part of the State retirement system and receive hospitalization.

Vote them all out!

Hillary officially nominated last night.

The Democratic Convention more enjoyable and better organized than the Republican one. Reflects how one would run the government.

Trump may be getting in trouble over his Putin relationship, if one exists. The rumor is he may have received financing for some of his enterprises via Russian banks.

Wikipedia causing many to sweat. Even Hillary. Money laundering the issue. Involving the Hillary Victory Fund and the DNC.

Today is wednesday. Screw off day for me. I spend saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday researching, writing, etc. Wednesday, thursday and friday are my days off. I even slept better last night.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Nile Crocs. Well, if there are Nile Crocs here then it has to be obvious to a liberal that they are here due to man made gorebal warming. The temperature is rising so quickly and causing the sea level to rise so quickly that the Crocs are being washed across the Atlantic and right to Ft Zach. Maybe the way to rid the Keys of these undesirable and scary Crocs is to just release some GMO modified male Crocs, spraying them sure won’t do it.

    I find the convention laughable. They built a fence to keep people out, oh, not just one fence, they had to build two. Donald should take credit because they worked.
    They don’t want ID to vote, but, ID has to be shown to enter the convention. Talk about hypocrisy.
    Black lives matter is making a splash. Someone likes to say that violence begets violence. Well, I guess it does at times. This is one of those times. Black lives matter is making a big stink even here in upstate New York. Enough so that it has brought about a resurgence of the KKK. This will be interesting.
    Ditsy debbie was fired and is now working for hillary. One just has to shake their head and back away slowly from this one.
    And, to top it off, hillary is under another new investigation and I don’t think the Republicans can be blamed even though they will be.
    This election just gets curiouser and curiouser.
    The hits just keep on coming.

    • The we have the Trumpster asking for his buddy the Russian to hack a US politician. When I watch Trump speak it is as if his mouth is disconnected from his brain. If another politician said such a ridiculous thing the Repubs would be demanding an FBI investigation and hearings in Crookgress (typo intended.

      As for global warming, the science that brought you air conditioning, planes to fly in and cars to drive, etc. is 99.999% clear that Anthropocentric forces are acerbating
      any natural cyclical climate trends. If you read enough you will see the population is exploding, the weather is ever hotter and often drier (sometimes wet) but in places where this was not the trends and the oceans are acidifying as they are the major carbon sinks. Now one knows how Galileo must have felt about the sun and the church. Facts don’t matter, it is all about the dogma. We live on one little pebble in space, like any finite object, if you keep polluting it it eventually catches fire (ask Cleveland).

      The Trump tax policy has been reviewed now by numerous non-partisan tax groups (some right leaning) and the consensus is the numbers don’t add up. Cut taxes again for the rich while spending more on the military and entitlements? In a household how can one cut their income while spending more? How does that work if it is not via debt?

      One day I wish to masses would look to the real solutions offered by people like Gary Johnson instead of blindly pulling the D or R levers.

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