Would you believe…..America in the midst of a sex recession?

It is. Responsibility falls upon teenagers and young adults. Less sex apparently better.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Survey covering 1991-2017 startling. High school students having sex has dropped from 54 percent to 40 percent.

In other words in the space of a generation, sex has gone from something most high school students experienced to something most haven’t.

Oral sex has not been substituted. The rate for oral sex has remained steady.

Teen pregnancies down dramatically, also.  Dropped to a third of its modern high.

Two reasons why sex frequency if falling. One, the internet. Porn is being substituted by both sexes for sex with a partner. The other, young people are partnering less.

The pendulum has swung. The modern libido is down.

I am not a happy camper this morning. Two reasons. Syracuse lost and I did not sleep all night. The two unrelated.

Syracuse went down to Connecticut 83-76. It was Connecticut’s game all the way.

I don’t understand. Syracuse’s starting 5 has returned. New recruits terrific. The bench deep for the first time in years. Four players supposedly excellent 3 point shooters. Syracuse’s defense supposedly great.

Nothing helped last night.

Syracuse attempted few 3 pointers. Second game  a row. When the team did, the ball rarely went in. Connecticut could hardly miss a 3 pointer. If my recollection is correct, they made 12.

I fell asleep around 10. Woke just after midnight. No television. Comcast was down all the way. No internet e-mail, television or land line. The internet came back on at 6 this morning. TV at 8:30.

I need TV to sleep. I substituted it for book reading at bed time years ago. I leave the TV on all night. Sleep poorly. When I wake, I watch whatever is on for a while and fall back to sleep.

My crutch, the TV set, was not there.

In recent months, Comcast’s service has been sporadic. Pisses me off. We depend on its services. It should be reliable.

Comcast owns NBC. I do not see NBC suffering from glitches. Only we poor peasants who depend on Comcast for internet e-mail, TV and land lines.

I have vented!

My yesterday simple. Haircut with Lori and lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. Spent the afternoon home researching. My excitement level rising as the day reached 7 in the evening when the Syracuse/Connecticut game would begin.

Those of you who live up north laugh not. A cold spell is upon us today. The high will only be 75. That’s cold in Key West. Tonight, the temperature is expected to drop to 71. Really cold! Quilt time.

Key West has many pleasant experiences. One, its sunsets. Always a canvas. Different strokes each evening.

Water surrounds the Keys. Those living here develop a love and respect for those who live in the ocean.

Twin one year old manatees were in trouble. Their mother accidentally killed by a boat strike. Manatee calves stay with their mothers one to two years. The twins were not yet able to do well on their own.

They were found stressed out more than a year ago in waters off Key Largo. Weighed about 100 pounds each. Rescued by the Dolphin Research Center. Named Millennium and Falcon.

Transferred to the Miami Sea Aquarium. Subsequently sent to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio for rehabilitation.

All better, they were recently released back into the waters off Key Largo.

The musical Sound of Music opened this day in 1959 on Broadway. An instantaneous hit!

I saw the show the following July. Actually, July 4. My first musical.

I was in New York studying for the bar exam. Six weeks. I already had put 4 in. Seven hours a day of lecture, the rest of the time studying. Seven days a week.

We had 2 days off . The 4th and one day adjoining it.

My wife and I had not seen each other in 4 weeks. She came down for the 2 days. Our blood was boiling. Except for seeing Sound of Music, we basically stayed in bed.

Our daughter Beth was conceived over those 2 days.

Florida is one screwed up State when it comes to ballot counting. This year no different. Broward County handed in its recount numbers 2 minutes late. Election officials refused to accept them. Thousands of votes will not count if a court does not reverse the decision.

Recall 2000. Bush/Gore. It all came down to a recount in Florida. Chads!

Not the first time Florida was in such a position. The 1876 Rutherford Hayes and Samuel Tilden Presidential election ended in a mess. Tilden won the popular vote. Four States had election day problems. Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Oregon.

Hayes Republican, Tilden Democrat.

Tilden was short one electoral vote.

The war was on!

Several months of bitter partisan wrangling. Finally, a special electoral commission was appointed to resolve the issue. Partisan politics here, also. Republicans picked the members. The commission ended up with one more Republican member than the Democrats.

Florida’s contested votes, together with those of the other three States, were awarded to Hayes.

The Democrats lost the first time. They lost again in the Bush/Gore dispute. It appears they will lose this time in the Governor and Senate races which are in dispute.

Trump an unhappy camper also today. The media tells us he has been so for several days. Deep anxiety has set in. The Democratic blue wave disheartens him. The Mueller investigation appears to be winding down. He has concern for not only himself, but also his family and friends.

He returned to tweeting about Mueller and his investigation yesterday. Trump says the Mueller investigation is a mess, there is no collusion, absolutely no collusion, Mueller and his people are shouting at each other. All a disgrace to the Nation.

Who truly is the disgrace?

Enjoy your day! Dress warm!








I was on my way to the Chart Room last night at 9:30. The intersection of Duval and Greene Streets was flooded.

It is that time.

The reasons for the flooding: Higher than normal tides, steady winds out of the northeast, and sunday’s full moon. The Key West Citizen reports this morning that the flooding could last a week. Which means it will get worse. The tides will remain high. It is expected the tides will reach as much as 3 feet above normal.

Flagler was also flooded in its usual places.

When these floodings occur, it is not uncommon to see people kayaking on Duval at Greene. Occasionally, some swimming.

I spent the day home. Tired. Concerned about my heart. Was at my heart doctor’s office at 6:30. Last patient of the day. I was being filled in.

I did not leave Dr. McIvor till 9:15. Not complaining. I was pleased he saw me. Tests being scheduled to determine why the tiredness and occasional gulping for air.

I was showered, shaved, etc. Instead of going directly home, I opted for the Chart Room. One drink and good conversation my aim.

Not to be. The chart Room was packed with tourists. I knew no one. Did not stay. Drove directly home.

Today, one of Key West’s more memorable occasions. Stone crab season opens. Good eating the next several months.

The drums rolled thursday night. Lynda and Bob Frechette returned. Great people! Can’t wait to see them.

Judy Wood. There is still a sadness within me. A Memorial Service has been scheduled for October 20 at Tavern ‘n Town.

Three Trump observations. Each speaks for itself.

Trump claims the allegations against him of sexual misconduct are the result of an international media conspiracy.

It is reported Trump hotel bookings are down 58 percent this year from 2015’s comparable period.

There is a neo-Nazi organization in the U.S. Not uncommon. Most countries have one today. The group considers itself white supremacist as well as neo-Nazi.

The neo-Nazi’s have a website.The Daily Stormer. The group’s news and commentary website. The group likes Trump. A recent comment stated: “Heil Donald Trump – The Ultimate Savior.”

ZIKA. Onward goes the battle to eradicate the mosquitoes causing the problem. We are still fighting the testing of the genetically modified mosquito here in Key Haven.

The State of Florida has gotten involved in the eradication of ZIKA. Not with genetically modified mosquitoes nor Ozitec, however. Sterile ones. The male mosquitoes will be inoculated and made sterile. Inoculated with the bacterium wolbachia pipientis.

Tests have been ordered. In conjunction and with the approval of local mosquito boards. Monroe County’s Mosquito Control Board has agreed to participate. Tests will be conducted in Key Largo and Stock island beginning March 2017.

The people can’t win.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech at 3:45 this afternoon. Virginia Tech a 17 point favorite. The game can be viewed on ESPNU.

Enjoy your day!




Sheriff Ramsay is a persistent individual. He does not give up.

A perfect example is the U.S. pedestrian cross walk in Key Largo. Ramsay said it was wrongly designed. An invitation to disaster.

Florida DOT Secretary Boxold ignored him. Ramsay complained to the Governor’s office and went to the press.

A meeting resulted within days.

Boxold came to Ramsay. The meeting took place in Key Largo.

The flashing yellow light will be a double solid red one. Pedestrian has a button to press. Light goes flashing yellow. Then, solid yellow. Finally, double solid red.

Ramsay suggested Boxold get a hold of Key West authorities to correct similar problems on Northern Boulevard. Lets hope a meeting takes place soon.

You may not recognize me the next time we meet. Got a haircut yesterday. I am bald. Had it all cut off. A #1 on the electric razor.

I am not sure the motivation. I must admit I like it.

Lori not there to cut my hair. First time she has missed in 20 years. Emma did me.

Lori and her boy friend have lived together for years. They married New Year’s Eve. Civil service. City Hall. No one knew it was coming.

Their respective families were thrilled. One group from Maine. The other, Long Island. The family wanted a for real wedding, however. They got it. The ceremony sunday at West Martello. Reception to follow at Rooftop Cafe.

I will have to congratulate Lori a second time when I get my next haircut. It may be a long while.

Stopped at Cuban Coffee Queen for lunch after the haircut. No room at the inn! Tables full. Line a mile long waiting to order.

So much for lunch. I left.

The Cuban Coffee Queen is doing tremendous. Good for them!

Rain all day. Monsoon type rain on occasion.

Not certain about today yet.

My KONK Life column Clarence Thomas / Anita Hill appears in this morning’s E-Blast.

It aggravates me. The Saudi snub of President Obama when he arrived for the oil meetings. We have to stop kissing Saudi’s ass. They need us militarily more than we need them for anything. Saudi Arabia’s time as a world oil giant diminishes by day.

Came across an interesting statement yesterday…..It was all started by a mouse. The reference was to Mickey Mouse. The statement made by Walt Disney.

Enjoy your day!



No question about it. I am not a cook. Last night proved my ineptness at culinary effort.

I enjoy stuffing. The kind you cook in a turkey or on stove top. I grabbed a bag of stuffing last week off the shelf at Publix. Figured I would cook myself up a meal of stuffing.

Thought it was all in the bag. Soon learned it was not. On the next trip to Publix, I bought the other items. Swanson soup, a big onion, diced celery, and butter. This was going to be a production!

Last night was the time! Poured myself a gin and proceeded.

Placed the ingredients on the cupboard. Took out a 5 quart pan. Directions said use a 3 quart one. I did not have a 3 quarter. Should not make a difference, I thought.

Diced the onion. With a paring knife. I did not tear. Thought I would. Melted 5 tablespoons of butter in the pan. Medium heat. Threw in the celery and onion. Let it cook till tender crisp, whatever that is. I waited till everything was turning brown. Then 2 cups of Swanson soup. Waited for it to boil. Threw in the bag of cubed bread. Then off the heat. Covered the pan for 5 minutes.

Followed all instructions precisely, except for size of the pan.

Time came to eat the concoction!

It was terrible!

The bread stuffing still half hard. Taste on the dry side.

I ate two small helpings. Could not handle any more. Threw the rest away. I was stuffed and uncomfortable.

It was an early bed night. My stomach full. There was a smell. It was me. Onions. This morning I went downstairs to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. My kitchen reeks of onion.

There has to me a lady out there to save me. I need one! For cooking and sex. Or, sex and cooking. The order immaterial.

Yesterday was Sloan first. I am trying to put together another show. One where I can sit at my computer at any time to talk and be seen. Could be 2 minutes or 20 minutes. Whatever moves me at the moment. The show archived, of course.

That is what we are working on. Any suggestions? If so, let me know.

Then Syracuse basketball. A disaster. I fear it may be that way all season. St. John’s beat us 84-72.

The zone is not working. Penetration through the middle easy. Forget rebounding. The team does not. Need a big man. Not this season, unfortunately. Too late.

The game was played at Madison Square Garden. St. John’s a former Big East foe.

Several great Syracuse players from the early years of the Big Eat were at the game. Sitting behind the Syracuse bench. Pearl Washington, Billy Owens, John Wallace, and Rafael Addison. I saw them all play back when.

Washington has brain cancer. Yesterday was one of his good days. He could be at the game and meet up again with other Syracuse greats.

Then this week’s KONK Life column. Used my research from last week which I shelved to do the Helen Sperling/Holocaust story. This week’s column titled The President Could Not Spell. About Teddy Roosevelt. He had a problem. No spell check back then. An interesting story re the way he tried to correct his problem and the flack that followed.

A fire yesterday in Key Largo. Someone gassing up his boat at a Tom Thumb. Mistakenly put the gasoline into the bilge opening rather than where it belonged. About 100 gallons came out the back end of the boat.

Firemen arrived. Tom Thumb and homes evacuated. Fire only consumed the boat and parts of Tom Thumb.

Mistakes happen. Sounds like a new boat owner involved.

The Crime Report section of today’s Key West Citizen carries a sad story. Concerns a 33 year old homeless man who stole a tent, shoes, fishing pole and some other items from K-Mart. He was caught.

He said the items were needed to make a home, etc.  for his pregnant girl friend who was getting out of jail today.

Keys History noted that on this day in 1888 construction began on the Custom House. Completed late in 1891. Cost $108,000.

Key West is fortunate to have such a fine building. The Custom House has a long list of famous events that took place there. It is an outstanding tourist attraction today. Well run.

Enjoy your day!


You may have wondered how I come up with the topics that become my weekly KONK Life column. The topics are diversified.

I rarely know what I am going to write until saturday or sunday. The column is due at KONK Life on sunday.

I read a lot. My whole life. When 7, I was reading heavy adult material while seated in an easy chair with a dictionary at my side.

This week’s column will involve Abraham Lincoln. His personal life. Things most of us did not know.

I got into Lincoln because of a small piece I read somewhere earlier this week. It said Lincoln was the only President to be a licensed bartender. I never knew.

I started researching the bartender item which lead me to personal characteristics of Lincoln. Most unknown. A column  was born!

Research is complete. I will write the column this afternoon. It will touch on Lincoln’s bartending days and his being considered lazy when it came to physical work. Also, mention will be made that he was non alcoholic, neither smoked nor chewed tobacco, did not use a gun, advocated the vote for women, dressed sloppy, and rarely combed his hair. Finally, the story of his first love who died young causing Lincoln to suffer a severe depression.

Interesting material. Be sure to read the column itself which hits the stands wednesday.

Nancy Robinson was a unique individual. A class act. She died two weeks ago. The Celebration of Her Life will be at 11 this morning at MCC at 1215 Petronia Street. Martha and family will be there. Friends, also. I doubt the Church will have sufficient room for all who attend. Nancy touched everyone.

Stone crab season began thursday. Yesterday at Keys Fisheries in Marathon a stone crab eating contest was held. Twenty five stone crabs per contestant. Participants were required to break the shells also. The winner devoured his 25 stone crabs in 13 minutes 30 seconds.

Disqualification a risk. Throw up and you were out of the contest!

The Humphrey Bogart Film Festival begins wednesday and runs through sunday. The place Key Largo.

Two items on the must see list. The house where the movie Key Largo was filmed. The African Queen boat that Humphrey Bogart and Katheryn Hepburn made the trip through African waters on. There will also be films shown and talks held at various places in Key Largo.

Bocce standings in this morning’s paper. My team dropped from 2nd to 4th place as a result of the two games lost this week. The team that beat us is a half game ahead in third place. We are 4 games out of first place.

We are at a tough place. We have to win most of our remaining games. I am getting nervous.

Watched the first three quarters of the Syracuse/Virginia game yesterday. Missed the last quarter and as it turned out, three overtimes.

When I left, Syracuse was winning by 17 points. In the end, Virginia won 44-38.

Sportcasters indicate the Syracuse defense fell apart in the last quarter and the overtimes.

My thinking is crystalizing. Syracuse is a young team. Many freshmen starting. Even the quarterback is a freshmen. The balance of the season will be so so. Win a few, lose a few. Next year will be different. Glory days will return!

I pray to God!

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town. Two bocce friends showed up and we had a good time chatting about everything. My friends had to leave early. They were chaperoning the Homecoming Dance at the high school.

My Thailand blog friend Sangjarn sent me a video yesterday. Of a two-headed snake. Ugh! Ugly! The thing was alive. Yellow and orange body. The two heads each looked like a man’s penis with the foreskin pulled back.

I wrote Sangjarn and told her how disgusting! She responded she sent it to me because in her country to see a two headed snake is good luck. She wanted me to have good luck.

Enjoy your sunday!


Pamplona, Spain and Key West were one yesterday. The Running of the Bulls!

I was there. Hemingway look alikes. Dressed Pamplona style. White shirts and pants. Red berets and waist bands. White hair and beards, of course.

The bulls machete and wood on wheels.

The race as in Pamplona. Pure chaos. If real bulls, several of yesterday’s Hemingways would be no more. Fun to watch. Exciting.

Paula Deen in Key West again this year for Hemingway Days. Her husband Michael Grover a Hemingway look alike contestant. I did not see her this year.

Lunched at the Pier House Beach Bar afterwards. Duval was too busy and hot with all the people. Chatted with Janine.

I have always had difficulty spelling Janine’s name. What I am writing today is correct. First time I have had it right. I mentioned my problem with spelling her name. I added it was fortunate her sister Mary had a simple name. Janine looked at me and said no she doesn’t. Her name is spelled Mari. With an i and not a y.

Ran into Michael at the Beach Bar. Michael was already a Key Wester when I started coming 26 years ago. I first met him at Atlantic Shores. He was a regular. Bare assed and bronzed. I had not seen him in 15 years. He is still bronzed. As to bare assed, I do not know. He was not yesterday.

Spent some time later in the afternoon researching this week’s KONK Life column. More research to do and then writing it. Will be done today. The topic/title Harry Truman’s Mother In Law.

Dinner at Roostica last night.

Lobster Mini Season a few days away. Wednesday and thursday. Thirty thousand expected for the event.

This is year 50 for Christ of the Deep. A 9 foot bronze statue of Christ was planted under water in the John Pennekamp State Park near Key Largo fifty years ago. Only 25 feet down, many have seen and enjoyed the statue. Even to the point of touching Christ’s hands and face.

Heard from Anna again. She is still on Amorgos. Has a problem. She has to be out of her accommodation 7/31. Her ferry boat reservation is for 8/5. She is having trouble finding a room. No wonder. Things are cheap in certain areas of Greece this season. Even cheaper on a small hidden away island such as Amorgos. A place that has few accommodations to start.

Maybe she will have to sleep on the beach.

Anna tells me there are many French tourists. The reason is that a good portion of the French movie Le Grand Bleu was filmed in the waters off Amorgos. The French and others visit because of the film. It was a winner when first filmed. Won many awards. Today, a cult film.

The car works. The key turns easily.

Enjoy your Sunday!