You may have wondered how I come up with the topics that become my weekly KONK Life column. The topics are diversified.

I rarely know what I am going to write until saturday or sunday. The column is due at KONK Life on sunday.

I read a lot. My whole life. When 7, I was reading heavy adult material while seated in an easy chair with a dictionary at my side.

This week’s column will involve Abraham Lincoln. His personal life. Things most of us did not know.

I got into Lincoln because of a small piece I read somewhere earlier this week. It said Lincoln was the only President to be a licensed bartender. I never knew.

I started researching the bartender item which lead me to personal characteristics of Lincoln. Most unknown. A column  was born!

Research is complete. I will write the column this afternoon. It will touch on Lincoln’s bartending days and his being considered lazy when it came to physical work. Also, mention will be made that he was non alcoholic, neither smoked nor chewed tobacco, did not use a gun, advocated the vote for women, dressed sloppy, and rarely combed his hair. Finally, the story of his first love who died young causing Lincoln to suffer a severe depression.

Interesting material. Be sure to read the column itself which hits the stands wednesday.

Nancy Robinson was a unique individual. A class act. She died two weeks ago. The Celebration of Her Life will be at 11 this morning at MCC at 1215 Petronia Street. Martha and family will be there. Friends, also. I doubt the Church will have sufficient room for all who attend. Nancy touched everyone.

Stone crab season began thursday. Yesterday at Keys Fisheries in Marathon a stone crab eating contest was held. Twenty five stone crabs per contestant. Participants were required to break the shells also. The winner devoured his 25 stone crabs in 13 minutes 30 seconds.

Disqualification a risk. Throw up and you were out of the contest!

The Humphrey Bogart Film Festival begins wednesday and runs through sunday. The place Key Largo.

Two items on the must see list. The house where the movie Key Largo was filmed. The African Queen boat that Humphrey Bogart and Katheryn Hepburn made the trip through African waters on. There will also be films shown and talks held at various places in Key Largo.

Bocce standings in this morning’s paper. My team dropped from 2nd to 4th place as a result of the two games lost this week. The team that beat us is a half game ahead in third place. We are 4 games out of first place.

We are at a tough place. We have to win most of our remaining games. I am getting nervous.

Watched the first three quarters of the Syracuse/Virginia game yesterday. Missed the last quarter and as it turned out, three overtimes.

When I left, Syracuse was winning by 17 points. In the end, Virginia won 44-38.

Sportcasters indicate the Syracuse defense fell apart in the last quarter and the overtimes.

My thinking is crystalizing. Syracuse is a young team. Many freshmen starting. Even the quarterback is a freshmen. The balance of the season will be so so. Win a few, lose a few. Next year will be different. Glory days will return!

I pray to God!

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town. Two bocce friends showed up and we had a good time chatting about everything. My friends had to leave early. They were chaperoning the Homecoming Dance at the high school.

My Thailand blog friend Sangjarn sent me a video yesterday. Of a two-headed snake. Ugh! Ugly! The thing was alive. Yellow and orange body. The two heads each looked like a man’s penis with the foreskin pulled back.

I wrote Sangjarn and told her how disgusting! She responded she sent it to me because in her country to see a two headed snake is good luck. She wanted me to have good luck.

Enjoy your sunday!

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