Some locals told me recently that the tourists were on the rude side this year. I mentioned it to you previously a couple of times.

Last night, I experienced it.

I was at Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. Seated at the bar. Did not want to fight the heavy traffic to get downtown. The bar was packed. However, two seats opened up. One on each side of me.

I was in the middle of my meal.

A gruff voice said, “Please move.”  Not nice at all. The “please” too harsh to be considered nice.

It was a couple. The woman doing the talking. Beautiful! Extremely so. Very overdressed for Key West.

The man looked like he just left the pool. Tee shirt, shorts, toes, hair a mess.

Had the lady waited a few seconds,  I would have seen them, I would have moved without being asked.

I moved. My dinner, silver wear, napkin, two drinks, bread, butter, and newspaper.

They sat. Three minutes later they were up and on their way out. The lady looked at me and said, “We are being ignored.” I asked where will you go. Downtown. Have a reservation? No.

My advice was you are better off staying here. Service a bit slow because the bar is crowded. The food excellent. The entertainment outstanding. If you go downtown, you have to fight the traffic. Find a parking place. They had their own car. Then wait 1-1.5 hours to get a table because you have no reservation.

They knew better. Walked away without a word.

Things were moving. A third seat opened. Three bar seats in a row. Unusual!

Three persons took them. One a lady around my age. With some trouble moving. Unsteady on her feet. The couple probably her daughter and daughter’s husband. In their late 50s, early 60s..

The older woman went to get on the stool next to me. She was having trouble. She was short. As she went up to sit, she started to fall. She fell into me and I grabbed he to stop her falling further. The women kept saying to me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

The daughter had not seen the fall. She heard the I am sorry’s, however. What are you doing to my mother? I was still holding her. It was like I was abusing the woman.

I explained and the mother did. The daughter was still pissed. She moved her mother three seats away. The daughter sat next to me, the terror of Tavern ‘n Town.

I was glad my dinner was almost over.

Key West exceptionally crowded. Must say it again. Many Japanese tourists. Unusual. Driving next to impossible. People crossing streets without looking. Traffic lights mean nothing to pedestrians and bicyclists.

I had been at Body Owners late morning. Headed downtown afterwards. Had a haircut appointment with Lori. A normally 15 minute trip took 35 minutes. Then, 20 minutes to find a parking place.

I was not a happy camper.

Key West City fathers encourage more and more people to visit. However, they fail to consider how to handle the crowds. Especially, the parking aspect.

Lori and I discussed the crowd situation and her business this time of the year. Her tale always the same.

Business slow the week before a holiday. Tourists already had their hair dome before they came to visit. Her business picks up dramatically the week after. The locals have extra money because of the holiday. They come in in droves to get their hair done.

Syracuse lost to Pitt last night 72-61. The game closer than the score indicates. I thought Syracuse looked good. However, still needs that big man. Pitt controlled the boards 2-1. Scored 22 points on rebounds off the offensive board.

My New Year’s Eve predetermined. A daughter of Don and Stephanie marrying tonight. I am invited. I look forward to the wedding celebration.

This week’s KONK Life column Political Sexcapades linked this morning to my Key West Lou website. .keywestlou.com. An interesting article. Involves Trump and the Clintons.

Everything in moderation tonight. For me and for you.

Happy New Year!


2 comments on “A FEW RUDE TOURISTS

  1. Louis,

    The seating at a bar creates a dilemma. When to move, when not to move?

    We always sit and eat at the bar. Love the interaction with the bartender and customers sitting nearby. Something you don’t get when seated at a table. When we go out, we will sit at that bar for the evening, until we go home.

    Here is an observation we saw last week while we were seated around the corner of a large curving bar, (much like the bar at the former Sports Page on Greene Street). A woman was seated about in the middle of the long bar. People had come and gone frequently on either side of her, while she had cocktails. She then ordered her dinner. Her food had been delivered and was all spread out in front of her as she began eating.

    A couple came in, as they did in your case, almost demanded that she move down so they could sit together. Not having time to think about how to respond, the woman stopped eating, moved all her things…dinner plate, salad dish, bread basket, water glass, cocktail, silverware, napkin…she then took her new seat and started eating again.
    Not three minutes later, the hostess called the names of the rude couple and they were off to their table. They had no plans to eat or drink at the bar, they just wanted to take up space while waiting for their table.

    The woman could barely contain her anger while she sat there stunned that she had given in so easily to these rude people. She silently ate and shook her head, mumbling to herself. It had ruined her evening.

    We have often discussed how we would handle being in that situation. Do we ask the people if they are just looking for a temporary seat, before we give up our seat? Do we tell them we will gladly move down ONE seat when we have finished dining? What is the proper reaction?

    Theoretically, someone like us, sitting at a bar for the evening, could be asked to move many times in an evening. We also purposely choose our seat location, because as you know, Cindy being handicapped, I want it to be convenient for her if she needs to use the restroom.

    I would be interested in the comments from others.

  2. There are a whole lot of rude and inconsiderate people in this world and it seems to be increasing.
    If there is just a single seat [ or just enough for the girls] we let them sit and we’ll stand for our drinks.
    If we want to eat we’ll just wait for a seat/table/booth to open up.
    We’ve never asked anyone to move, but, we have had folks offer. We’ll always buy them a drink and usually end up making another friend.

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