Another great Key West evening last night! At Tavern ‘n Town.

The place was packed. I was surprised. The week before Christmas is normally quiet in Key West. Not last night. Tourists and locals whooping it up.

Ran into Frankie and Sandy. Sandy her usual charming self. Frankie told me he has taken up golf. Played yesterday.

Frankie is a top bocce player. One of the best. He was unhappy re his golf score. 135. I told him not to feel bad. I played 25 years before I gave golf up. I was shooting 135 at the time.

The best part of the evening was meeting Kristi. From Columbus, Ohio. She is in neurological medical sales.

Her 6 year old daughter was with her. The daughter was engrossed playing tic, tac, toe and drawing while her mother and I chatted.

Twelve years ago, mother Kristi was Mrs. Ohio International and Mrs. Ohio March of Dimes.

Did I mention, Kristi is lovely.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill at Body Owners. Dave there ahead of me on the machine.

By the time I finished, I was sweating big time. Water running down from my forehead. My tee shirt soaking wet.

I asked Jenny why my work out caused such a sweat. It was unusual. I am always concerned when my body does not react normally. Two reasons. It was humid. And, an unusal number of people working out at the same time.

Had to rush home. My friday KONK News interview. Don Riggs interviewed me re this week’s KONK Life column The President Could Not Spell. Theodore Roosevelt provided much to talk about.

The claimed data miss use scenario sounds like a lot of nothing. Clinton should beware. She may be leading, but everyone loves Bernie Sanders. He has always come across as an honest sincere person. The situation could backfire on Clinton.

It is despicable how the Democratic Party representative keeps trying to bury Sanders. He should be fired! Debbie Wasserman is reacting improperly also. It gives the appearance the party is all for Clinton. Which it is. However, the process should be fairly played.

Sanders getting screwed here.

The issue will come up in the debate tonight. Clinton would be wise to say immediately to Sanders, all nothing! I love you and never thought you and your group were involved in any type chicanery.

Otherwise, it will be the pot calling the kettle black.

Recall in the first debate when the issue of Clinton’s e-mails came up. Sanders interrupted and said he was sick of hearing it. Thus giving Clinton a bye. She should be equally generous this evening. Sanders’ sin, if any, is no where as grievous as Clinton’s re the e-mails.

I erred in yesterday’s blog. Last night was not Jenna. Tonight is at Sq. 1.

Syracuse plays Cornell at noon. A David/Goliath battle. Syracuse an 18.5 point favorite. However with the way Syracuse’s season is going, anything can happen.

Skaneateles’ Dan Riordan telephoned yesterday. We lamented re the Syracuse team.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I agree Sanders is probably honest and certainly is sincere in his beliefs, he is just plain crazy with his socialist beliefs and the costs to implement them. But as with most folks, they things right at times. With Sanders its gun control to a certain extent.
    Schultz always acts improperly so there is nothing new there.

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