I did absolutely nothing yesterday. My back kept me confined to bed all day. Such was my day. Ergo, nothing to report activity wise.

However, there is something I would like to share. It involves neo-Nazis, Ukraine, the United States, the American media, and anti-Semitism. Read on for a most interesting blog.

The sole purpose of this article is to ask why our government and the media fail to keep us informed about that which I am to relate.

Some of you may have seen on the internet last night news reports regarding a television CEO in the Ukraine who was beaten by some far right politicians and forced to resign. Note I said internet, not television. The far right individuals were members of the Ukraine Svoboda Party. The beating itself was shown on two internet sites.

I could be wrong about that which I am about to relate. I do not think so. I did not see any similar news report in/on any American media. Why?

Note that I have been discussing the Svoboda Party and the issues contained herein for three weeks.

The Svoboda Party is far right. It is actually the neo-Nazi Party in Ukraine. It is one of Ukraine’s five largest political parties It was nothing till the 2012 elections when it won its first Parliament seats. Ten per cent of the vote got the party 37 seats in Parliament. Since Ukraine has coalition government, this gave the Svoboda Party major clout in the new government.

The leader of the Svoboda Party is Olah Tyahnybok. He believes in violence as a way of capturing the minds and souls of  people. Just as Hitler did in the 1930s. Personal brutality, beatings, breaking of store fronts, synagogue bombings.

The Svoboda is anti-Communist, anti-Russian, and anti-Semitic.

Anti-Semitism is part of the Party platform. The Party was first named the Social-National party. An intentional reference to Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Party.

The Ukraine neo-Nazis have a youth program. Uniforms and all. At a recent rally, a Svoboda youth leader distributed Nazi propaganda written by Joseph Goebbels.

The Party platform calls for “…..one race, one nation, one Fatherland.”

Tyahnybok has called in the past for Ukraines to fight against the Muscovite-Jewish mafia. Another Party leader referred to the Holocaust as “…..a period of Light in history.”

As I have written over the past three years, neo-Nazism is on the rise in Europe. Hungry people will follow radical leaders who promise and provide more. Greece has an especially strong neo-Nazi party. Italy’s less strong, but growing. Ukraine’s neo-Nazis have been developing strong ties recently with the Italian group.

A prominent Ukraine rabbi is Hillel Cohen. He was recently attacked in Kiev by anti-Semitics. He was beaten and stabbed in the leg. He was called anti-Semitic slurs. He was referred to as zyhd. Ukraine for kike.

Also recently, a synogauge in eastern Ukraine was firebombed. Damage was slight and there were no injuries.

The neo-Nazi Svoboda Party are part of the “good guys” opposing Russia. They are part of the group that the United States and the Euro nations are supporting. It is reported money has already been sent by the United States to this group.

Recently, Senator Mc Cain had his picture taken with Tyahnybok. As has Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. The photos appeared in European newspapers. I am not aware of them appearing in American newspapers or television news reports.

My question again is a simple one. Why are not the American people being made aware of what is going on regarding the Svoboda Party? We hear nothing from the government or news media. We should know who our government is supporting and more importantly, why? There is no transparency.

I am merely sharing. Draw your own conclusions. Ask your own questions. Do your own research.

As always, enjoy your day!


    • “Kinda goes along with a vote for fundamental change.” Which in our totally corrupted two-party dictatorship is a complete joke. USA = owned by the Koch Bros and ______ “you name it” corporation. Russia is run by a despotic madman ala Stalin (would NOT want to be a Tatar..poor people as it is happening yet again to them), Nazis on the rise again in Europe apparently, the USA has a bought and paid for Do absolutely Nothing Congress and a weak and professorial President bickering over gays, health insurance and wages while the worlds burns….literally.

      And I thought the history books related scary times. Buckle your seat belts.

      • I think I have figured out why history repeats itself. People are unaware or have forgotten it. Most pay no attention to history and that is why the mistakes of yesterday are repeated today.

  1. then there is Soros and his one world order that unfortunately put obama in wh. i bet soros money is being pumped into ukraine in various ways.

  2. imo there’s ‘trouble’ in your own key west backyard speaking of corrupt radical political matters – wendy davis (running for texas governor) is coming to fundraise at the local’s home LizGilbert at 561-350-6663 according to today’s konk life article. there is little ‘svoboda’ (truth) in the davis platform. be careful conchs if you go listen to that radical raving at the gilbert home.

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