Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother died almost 25 years ago. My father this past week. I guess that makes me an orphan of sorts.

Many thoughts have run through my mind this past week. Like I am now the patriarch of the family. A position I  would gladly have forsaken if it meant keeping Dad alive. A position that means I am probably the next one to go.

Strange how children think of their parents after they are gone. Mom is gone a long time and she is still in my thoughts every day. Yes, every day. She is in my mind now more than when she was alive.

I know it will be the same with my father.

I apologize for the morbidity in my recent blogs. I am sure you understand. Life goes on, however. Commencing tomorrow my blogs will be as they were.

My Mother’s Day will be with Lisa. A good mother!

By the way, Robert finally got better after being sick for six days. Ally came down with whatever he had yesterday. That is the way it goes.

Enjoy Mother’s Day!

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