Let the drums roll…..Tonight my blog talk radio show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A fast paced half hour of interesting chatter. My view point on rapidly changing events.

I plan on starting with my thoughts regarding the Supreme Court decision rendered yesterday concerning Obamacare and contraceptives. An appropriate title would be hypocrisy revealed. Then the results of a recent Gallup poll indicating the Supreme Court has an approval rating among the American people almost as low as Congress.

Plus, the U.S. plan to give money to the “moderates” in Syria who happen to be Al Qaeda by another name, the shame developing with the 52,000 child refugees, the UN targeting Detroit for turning off the water of half the population, one out of three pregnancies in Detroit resulting in abortions (Supreme Court note: contraceptives needed!), beef prices on the rise, the cost of gasoline the highest since 2008, a cute JP Morgan life insurance scheme that has enriched it coffers by billions of dollars, and more.

The gym yesterday morning. Albert. I thought I would not complete the session. The hardest yet!

I told Dr. Lefferets how hard it was. She said it was good for me. I was out of shape. I was and am.

Albert told me to eat as soon as I got home. My body needed to reenergize. I ate. Two ham sandwiches with tomato. Then to bed. I slept four straight hours. That is how beat I was from the exercise.

I am not complaining. Merely sharing.

Sloan came around dinner time. We worked for an hour. I was alive and bright by that time. The sleep had helped.

Dined in last night. Though I felt good, it was too much work to shower again to go out.

My dinner was one my Mother last made for me probably back in my high school days. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup and crackers.

For some reason, it did not taste the as I remembered. Perhaps because my Mother did not prepare it. Actually, I think the Campbell people have altered the taste of the soup.

I continued to be invigorated after dinner. I worked on tonight’s blog talk radio show and completed it. Normally, I complete it with 3-4 hours work on the day of the show.

Something is wrong. Different. I have finished my KONK Life column and tonight’s show both early this week. Never before. Could it be the workouts are energizing me?

Arthur is turning. It has achieved tropical storm status. It is predicted it will turn into a #1 hurricane. Seventy five mile an hour winds. Seems definite it will track north at some point. By the weekend, it will either be off the coast or over the northeast.

Glad it will not be over Key West! You have to experience a hurricane to understand. Not nice.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wait. Lou, please don’t leave me in the dark and other readers whom I hope are as interested as I am. What is it that female Sloan does with you? You typed in blog above – Sloan came around dinner time. We worked for an hour –

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