Sorry about getting the blog out so late this morning. I had an early morning appointment with Dr. Lefferts re my back. Steroids obviously worked. Everyone happy. My residual continues to be the swollen ankles. They are down about 50 percent. I am to continue on the water pills till completely down.

Yesterday found me in three of my favorite Key West places. Harpoon Harry’s, the Chart Room, and Hot Tin Roof.

Wednesday lunch at Harpoon Harry’s is becoming a habit. A good one. The wednesday special is turkey. A Thanksgiving type meal. I especially enjoy the gravy. I ask for extra.

Visited with Emily for a while in the early evening at the Chart Room. Just me and her. No other customers. Caught her at an in between slow time.

Dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. A terrific meal! Rib eye. Melted in my mouth! Joseph was good company, as usual. He is a fan. Especially of the KONK Life columns. He particularly enjoyed last week’s Al Qaeda…..The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

I slowly downed a snifter of Southern Comfort at the end of the meal. I am not a Southern Comfort drinker at all. However, my Mother was. Her birthday was this past week. She would have been 100. Unfortunately, she died at 75. I drank the Southern Comfort and enjoyed thoughts of the first woman I loved.

In between lunch and dinner, I walked the waterfront. Stopped into Turtle Kral. Looking for Peti. No Peti.

Ran into Guy and ML. Both busily working on ML’s race to be Fantasy Fest Queen. Tension showing. A tough haul running for the position. I am confident ML will win. The Coronation is next friday evening. The day Fantasy Fest begins.

Crashed during the afternoon. Lay on the bed. Next thing I knew three hours had passed. A good sleep.

On tuesday’s blog talk radio show, I commented on monday’s Supreme Court decision re same sex marriage. Gays were all excited. The decision a major step from their perspective. I took the position that their joy was premature. Very premature. Primarily because the Supreme Court avoided rendering a decision that would have made same sex marriage Constitutional throughout the United states.

I warned that those opposed to same sex marriage would be coming out of the woodwork. They would gear up to continue their fight even further. I suggested that 20 years from now it would still be a problem as abortion is.

It only took 24 hours for the fight to go to a new level. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy issued an order first continuing the ban in two States and later in the day issued an order making the stay applicable to only one State.

The fight ain’t over yet!

Bocce tonight.

Enjoy your day!



Enjoyed Sunday dinner at Roositca last night. The spaghetti special which includes a salad, three huge meatballs, two huge sausage links, and great bread for $14. A buy! I ate all the meat. Little of the pasta. Too much food for me.

The place was packed. A gold mine!

Guy de Boer came in with a big party. He stopped to talk with me. I asked about his sister Dawn who I had never met. However, we are friends via the internet. She lives somewhere in north Florida and edits my weekly KONK Life column. Guy said she is here with me. I want to meet her, I said.

Off we went to her table. We were both overjoyed to have finally met each other in the flesh. Dawn is a lovely person in every respect.

When I eat alone, I bring something to read. Generally, a newspaper or my tablet. Last night, it was the FDR book The Mantle Of Command I have been reading. I finished it while dining.

A great book! One of the best historical novels I have read. It covers a small time frame during World War II. Eleven months. From December 7th to the following November when the Allies successfully landed in North Africa in what was known as Operation Torch.

The book was written by Nigel Hamilton. Published this year. Would make a great movie!

The novel shows a side of Roosevelt not before seen. He was a hard ass do it my way leader. Forget the generals and admirals, he was the commander in chief. He conducted himself accordingly. Rarely did he have to pull rank. He was a smoothie who manipulated and turned people to his way of thinking.

Many tried to manipulate him, stand up to him. Each failed. Churchill, Marshall, MacArthur, and Stimson were no match. They opposed him, fought him. Went behind his back. None prevailed, whatever the issue.

Hamilton had some intimate relationships that assisted in writing the book.. While a student at Cambridge, Hamilton resided with Churchill’s parents. Hamilton spent hours discussing Churchill with his quasi grandfather Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. He also spent considerable time interviewing people who knew Churchill intimately. Churchill is a major figure in the book after Roosevelt.

This is the first book written from the perspective of Roosevelt as a controlling commander in chief. Not only of his generals and admirals, but also world leaders.

As he was to all Presidents he served under, MacArthur was a pain in the ass. Nevertheless a military genius. FDR kept him in line waiting for the American Pacific war to begin.

One thing reported about MacArthur in the book bothered me. Corregidor was about to fall. MacArthur would soon be ordered to Australia. The Philippine people and American troops were being brutalized by the Japanese.

Within days of MacArthur leaving and the Philippines falling into Japanese hands, the Philippine government gave MacArthur $500,000 which MacArthur was able to secure and get out of the Philippines. A sort of legal payment. The Philippine government was always rewarding people who helped them. This was the first time MacArthur was so rewarded.

Roosevelt was not happy about the payment and its acceptance. He kept quiet, however. He needed MacArthur for another day. The payment remained secret until 1979 when it first came to public light.

The payment did not appear proper in and of it self. It also did not look correct when men were dying in droves. Keep in mind Bataan and Corregidor.

There is a contrast. Eisenhower served under MacArthur in the Philippines from 1936 to 1939. He was a major at the time and acted as MacArthur’s chief of staff. Eisenhower was offered $60,000 from the Philippine government at roughly the same time as MacArthur received the $500,000. Eisenhower turned down the $60,000. He did not consider it in good taste.

Read the book. An interesting eye opener.

Enjoy the last day of your Labor Day weekend!



Sean Kinney likes to write. It is his career, his job. He is the Miami Herald’s man in Key West.

I met Sean’s parents yesterday. Second time. Last year, also. Mother Mary and I chatted at the bar. I could see Sean in her. Her mind, her love of  reading, etc. She was interested in my recently published book The World Upside Down. Had me write the title on the back of a bar bill so she could order it. Love you, Mary!

Met Sean’s Dad at the table. Unfortunately, we only had time for a quick hello. Sean and Katherine were taking Mary and Mike to dinner at the Conch Republic.

Mary and Mike reside in Biloxi, Mississippi. Mary said she caught my blog talk radio show a few times in Biloxi.

That was last night. I spent most of Sunday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Guaranteed you will enjoy! It is a mixture of Columbus, Ferdinand and Isabella, Plato, and Aristotle. The story of a gigantic lie perpetrated on us by ignorant politicians.

I planned on meeting Peter Max yesterday. He was at an art gallery from 1-4. My day was too full. Never made it. By the time I finished the KONK Life column, it was after 5.

This is Quantum Key West Week. Top shelf sailing. The world’s finest professional sailors crewing for captain’s of industry. Big money sport enthusiasts. As exciting as the sailing may be, it is going to be especially uncomfortable out on the cold Atlantic and Gulf. No matter how well dressed everyone may be!

Busy day today. Sloan at 10. Lunch with Guy de Boer. Dinner with the grandkids. I am taking Robert and Ally out. Just the three of us.

My blog talk radio show tomorrow night at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Topics will include a stupid Florida gun law, Hawaii battling genetically modified foods, the NSA bugging Congress, a further example of bank hypocrisy, the Christopher Columbus lie, the NSA being able to get your medical records without authorization, and more. Revealing information!

Enjoy your day!





Key West sponsors many events and has many parades. Without question, the Christmas parade every year is the best. The parade this year was last night.

I had to arrive 1.5 hours before the parade started. So I would not have to walk a very long distance to get to the parade. The closer to parade time, the less parking available.

Stopped at Don’s Place first. It was to early to be out on the street. Everyone was there! The ladies dressed up a bit. Many with Santa Claus hats. The mood decidedly festive.

As 7 approached, I left to walk the several blocks to where I was to meet Lisa and the family for the parade. Robert and Ally arrived with plastic shopping bags to put their booty in. Float riders throw candy to the kids.

The whole town was at the parade. Half in the parade, half watching curbside.

The Christmas parade is the longest I have ever seen. Every year. Roughly three hours. Beautiful floats, beautiful people…..all in a holiday mood!

Robert’s mind works well. He reconnoiters the scene and figures out where on the curb he has to sit and how to approach the treasure coming at him from the floats. His bag was full very early. Ally on the other hand is looking around and talking with a girl friend seated on the curb next to her. Occasionally, she would look up and go for some candy.

A school friend of Robert’s was in a Santa hat and on a float that was low to the ground. He was throwing small Reese peanut butter cups to the kids. When he saw Robert, he got off and ran over to him. He handed Robert the whole bag he had in his hand. A large bag of Reese peanut butter cups. What friends are for!

There were about a dozen Santas. All did a good job. They were into their roles. Saw two Mrs. Claus’ also.

I had intended to return to Don’s Place to party after the parade. However three hours on my feet was too much for me. I was tired! Went directly home and to bed.

The morning was busy for me. Guy de Boer is the publisher and owner of KONK Life, a Key West weekly. Guy is going to feature/announce my new book to his readers. The whole front page will be a picture of me, the book, a typewriter, a pad and pen, and my glasses. It will be published in a couple of weeks. Hemingway watch out!

Afterwards, Guy and I went to breakfast. Goldman’s Deli. I get there every couple of months. It is absolutely amazing the business the place does. Every booth and table occupied. People crowded together standing waiting for a table. Reminded me of Joe’s in Utica on a Saturday night.

I have a Christmas cocktail party to attend this afternoon. Life in Key West is always on the move.

Enjoy your Sunday!



This day in history 1933…..Ernest Hemigway was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man And The Sea.

Hemingway lived in Key West from 1931-1940. Early on, he purchased a large home on Whitehead Street. He, his wife, and the six toed cat moved in.

I have done several tours of the Hemingway House, as his home is now called. The thing that impressed me the most was the place within the property where Hemingway did his writing.

Behind the house is a garage. Two storied. Hemingway had the first floor doors sealed off.

The garage was free standing. Ten feet or so away from the main house.

Hemingway required solitude and silence when writing. He made the upstairs of the garage his place to work.

Access to the room is what is interesting. The only way to get to the second floor of the garage was to go to a second floor room of the house facing it. There was a window on the second tier of the garage. It was directly opposite the bedroom window. Hemingway had a large board that he slid from the bedroom window to the garage window. He then walked across on the plank. Following which he pulled in the plank.  No one could bother him.

Guy de Boer. A Key West notable.

Guy got me into the tv/internet business. I did my first internet show several years ago for his company, KONK Broadcasting. While doing it, Guy decided to branch out. He started a local weekly newspaper. Circulation now from Key West through Key Largo. He asked if I was interested in writing a column for the paper. I was.

The newspaper was and is known as KONK Life. It is one of the most read of such newspapers in the Keys. Everyone appears to be reading KONK Life. I know. One to three persons a day will comment directly to me how much they enjoyed my column, agreed or disagreed with what I wrote, etc.

Guy recently distinguished himself in another area. Sailing. Recently, he has been sailing in some tournament or another every weekend. I did not know how good he was.

Guy is the Captain. His vessel the multi hulled Key West Magnum. Last week, Guy took first place in the finals of the Schooner Wharf Wreckers Race. A feat! Guy’s boat beat 44 other vessels in 8 different classes.

Good going, Guy!

My yesterday was dedicated to doing nothing. Hung around the house. Watched TV. Sunned myself by the pool. Napped.

A good day!

This morning I received sad news from Novara, Italy. Via e mail.

My friend Nini owns a golf course outside Novara. Though I never got to play, I had visited the course several times and enjoyed a drink in the club house.

The golf course is small. Though 18 holes. Nini was on the tractor cutting the grass. The tractor tipped over pinning Nini beneath it. Nini broke his back. That is all the information I have at the present time. He is in special care at a local hospital.

Two heart doctor visits today. I may buy stock in the doctor’s office.

Tomorrow night is my blog talk radio show. Join me on the internet at 9. An interesting half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



A terrific lunch yesterday!

Anna has been my housekeeper for 8 years. A Polish immigrant, now a proud citizen. Her daughter Julia was making her First Communion. Anna invited me to the celebration following Church.

The luncheon was at Sole’s. Anna’s husband is a chef there.

What a meal!

Perogies, lobster tails, lamb chops, egg plant in oil, and on and on. Fantastic! I made a pig of myself on the lamb chops.

Little Julia was lovely. Anna was lovely. First time I have seen Anna dress dressed.

Anna’s mother and sister flew in from Poland for the event. The mother I knew from the times she has visited in the past. The sister was new to me. Very attractive. Unfortunately, English not spoken by either.

Then to Lisa’s. As soon as I walked in the front door, I knew something was wrong. Robert and Ally were seated on small chairs at the coffee table. Busily doing home work. Never raised their heads to acknowledge me.

They had been bad. They were being punished.

Lisa said they were behind in their homework and had not helped to clean up the house mess they had made. Whatever Lisa said must have been forceful. I have never seen Robert and Ally so cowed.

There was a benefit to me. Jake had no one to play with. He was stuck with me. Yesterday, we were friends. I hope he remembers the next time I visit.

I watched the Kentucky Derby at Don’s Place. A great race. Orb looked terrific in coming from behind in the mud to win.

Joanie was sitting next to me at the bar. We had all bought into a pool. There was a $10 one and a $5 one. Joanie bought one of each. You pulled your horse blind out of a glass. Joanie got Orb each time. She was moaning and groaning……How can I win?

She won $300! God bless!

I was down for some reason last night. Intended to go directly home from Don’s Place. At the last minute, I changed my mind and headed over to the Chart Room.The race crowd was still there.

Spent some time chatting with Sheila.

Then Mike and Tina came in. Two of the grandest people! Worldly. They are frequent travelers. All over the globe!

I had not seen them in well over a year.

Good people! I am especially enamoured with Tina.

Mike and Tina own a home in Key West. On the street across from the cemetery. Should be dead at night. Not recently, Mike told me. Too many tourists partying till late in the morning.

Tina and I talked quite a while. About everything.

By the time I left the Chart Room, I felt good. Actually, terrific! My spirits were up. I give Tina the credit.

Mike and Tina were with some neighbors from the cemetery street. Don and Sue. Wisconsin people. Snowbirds. Don was or still is in the food business. Sue in marketing research. I spoke with Don a while. Sue got lost in the crowd.

JJ was bartending. JJ was a celebrity yesterday. His picture and a brief bio were in the Key West Citizen. JJ was Person of the Day.

The Audubon House was pictured in the Key West Citizen also yesterday. Obviously named after John James Audubon. I have always wondered why the Audubon house is named after Audubon.

Audubon lived the home roughly one month back in 1832. That’s all! He painted birds and plants from the house’s backyard. He also painted them from other areas in Key West and the Tortugas. Some ended up in his famous compilation The Birds of America.

Someone must have decided to name the house after Audubon to make it a tourist attraction. It is. However, a local’s also. The grounds are lovely. Many the party I have attended on those grounds. The interior is a bit spartan. Many antiques. Not enough. Worthy of a visit.

May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. I never heard the term till this past week. There are reminders all over Key West that Cinco de Mayo is to be celebrated today.

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for fifth of May) is a holiday held on May 5 that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 12, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin.

So what!

I am confused. Not only have I never heard of the holiday in the 25 years I have been frequenting Key West, there is not a sizable Mexican community living here. There are many of Spanish origin and descent. Few of Mexican.

If the city fathers came up with Cinco de Mayo as another Key West holiday to be celebrated, they are crazy! We have so many holidays now that they are overlap each other.

The last item I want to talk about this morning is peanut butter.

I love peanut butter! Not on bread, not with jelly. Directly out of the jar on a tablespoon 2-3 times a day. I am a creature of habit. I have enjoyed Peter Pan creamy peanut butter for years. Yesterday, I discovered a new and better peanut butter! Sorry, Peter Pan.

Jif creamy! Smoother in texture and better taste. The only reason I bought it was Publix was having a sale.

The best parts of my day yesterday were chatting with Tina and discovering Jif peanut butter!

Enjoy your Sunday!



Before the announcement, I want to apologize for doing the blog so late this morning. It is a God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world day! I woke to the cool breeze coming through the open windows. Could see the shine of the sun and the blue sky. Decided to languish in bed. It was saturday. I got hooked on a stupid 1938 movie. The result, it is after 10 as I start this blog.

Yesterday was my last internet show with KONK Broadcasting. My last show was a great one. Unfortunately, I was the only one who heard it, no one saw it. Due to technical difficulties, everyone saw a rerun of Guy de Boer’s earleir news show. My cell phone rang incesstantly after the show. Where were you? Could not see you? Could not hear you?

Yesterday’s drama has nothing to do with my moving over to Comcast Channel 87 to do the show. The move had been in the works.

I shall however continue to do a weekly legal article in Guy’s KONK Life.

KONK Broadcasting was a beginning for me. I thank Guy de Boer for letting me do the show and I thank him for all the support he has given. He’s first class.

Ok…..next friday morning at 10 I will be broadcasting on Comcast Channel 87 aka TV channel 19. The TV portion of the show will be available through out the Florida Keys. In addition…..my show will continue to be available world wide on the internet. www.tv.channel19.com. Plus…..the show will automatically be archived on You Tube.

Wait till you see the set up friday! It’s a new world for me!

I am excited!

I wrote next week’s article for KONK Life yesterday. It has to do with when life begins. An Oklahoma anti-abortionist group sought a ballot vote to amend Oklahoma’s State constitution to read that life begins from the moment the female’s egg is fertilized. Conception. At that point, the fertilized egg is entitled to all civil and due process rights as a person. The fertilized egg is a person.

The United States Supreme Court did not agree.

This fertilized egg concept is referred to as parenthood. The case was Parenthood Oklahoma v. Barber.

If there had been a contrary result, women’s rights in Oklahoma, such as the right to choose, contraception, in vitro fertilization and the like, would have gone down the tubes. Regressed to the 1950s.

Busy day today. Sloan will be over in the afternoon to work with me. Jenna is my date tonight for drinks and dinner.

Enjoy your day!