This day in history 1933…..Ernest Hemigway was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man And The Sea.

Hemingway lived in Key West from 1931-1940. Early on, he purchased a large home on Whitehead Street. He, his wife, and the six toed cat moved in.

I have done several tours of the Hemingway House, as his home is now called. The thing that impressed me the most was the place within the property where Hemingway did his writing.

Behind the house is a garage. Two storied. Hemingway had the first floor doors sealed off.

The garage was free standing. Ten feet or so away from the main house.

Hemingway required solitude and silence when writing. He made the upstairs of the garage his place to work.

Access to the room is what is interesting. The only way to get to the second floor of the garage was to go to a second floor room of the house facing it. There was a window on the second tier of the garage. It was directly opposite the bedroom window. Hemingway had a large board that he slid from the bedroom window to the garage window. He then walked across on the plank. Following which he pulled in the plank.  No one could bother him.

Guy de Boer. A Key West notable.

Guy got me into the tv/internet business. I did my first internet show several years ago for his company, KONK Broadcasting. While doing it, Guy decided to branch out. He started a local weekly newspaper. Circulation now from Key West through Key Largo. He asked if I was interested in writing a column for the paper. I was.

The newspaper was and is known as KONK Life. It is one of the most read of such newspapers in the Keys. Everyone appears to be reading KONK Life. I know. One to three persons a day will comment directly to me how much they enjoyed my column, agreed or disagreed with what I wrote, etc.

Guy recently distinguished himself in another area. Sailing. Recently, he has been sailing in some tournament or another every weekend. I did not know how good he was.

Guy is the Captain. His vessel the multi hulled Key West Magnum. Last week, Guy took first place in the finals of the Schooner Wharf Wreckers Race. A feat! Guy’s boat beat 44 other vessels in 8 different classes.

Good going, Guy!

My yesterday was dedicated to doing nothing. Hung around the house. Watched TV. Sunned myself by the pool. Napped.

A good day!

This morning I received sad news from Novara, Italy. Via e mail.

My friend Nini owns a golf course outside Novara. Though I never got to play, I had visited the course several times and enjoyed a drink in the club house.

The golf course is small. Though 18 holes. Nini was on the tractor cutting the grass. The tractor tipped over pinning Nini beneath it. Nini broke his back. That is all the information I have at the present time. He is in special care at a local hospital.

Two heart doctor visits today. I may buy stock in the doctor’s office.

Tomorrow night is my blog talk radio show. Join me on the internet at 9. An interesting half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hemingway and his wife Pauline first came to key West in 1928 and started working on Farewell to Arms while waiting for his car [Model A, in the apartment above the dealership] to arrive. Pauline’s family bought the house on Whitehead for them in 1931.

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