Before the announcement, I want to apologize for doing the blog so late this morning. It is a God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world day! I woke to the cool breeze coming through the open windows. Could see the shine of the sun and the blue sky. Decided to languish in bed. It was saturday. I got hooked on a stupid 1938 movie. The result, it is after 10 as I start this blog.

Yesterday was my last internet show with KONK Broadcasting. My last show was a great one. Unfortunately, I was the only one who heard it, no one saw it. Due to technical difficulties, everyone saw a rerun of Guy de Boer’s earleir news show. My cell phone rang incesstantly after the show. Where were you? Could not see you? Could not hear you?

Yesterday’s drama has nothing to do with my moving over to Comcast Channel 87 to do the show. The move had been in the works.

I shall however continue to do a weekly legal article in Guy’s KONK Life.

KONK Broadcasting was a beginning for me. I thank Guy de Boer for letting me do the show and I thank him for all the support he has given. He’s first class.

Ok… friday morning at 10 I will be broadcasting on Comcast Channel 87 aka TV channel 19. The TV portion of the show will be available through out the Florida Keys. In addition… show will continue to be available world wide on the internet. Plus…..the show will automatically be archived on You Tube.

Wait till you see the set up friday! It’s a new world for me!

I am excited!

I wrote next week’s article for KONK Life yesterday. It has to do with when life begins. An Oklahoma anti-abortionist group sought a ballot vote to amend Oklahoma’s State constitution to read that life begins from the moment the female’s egg is fertilized. Conception. At that point, the fertilized egg is entitled to all civil and due process rights as a person. The fertilized egg is a person.

The United States Supreme Court did not agree.

This fertilized egg concept is referred to as parenthood. The case was Parenthood Oklahoma v. Barber.

If there had been a contrary result, women’s rights in Oklahoma, such as the right to choose, contraception, in vitro fertilization and the like, would have gone down the tubes. Regressed to the 1950s.

Busy day today. Sloan will be over in the afternoon to work with me. Jenna is my date tonight for drinks and dinner.

Enjoy your day!

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