Many evils taint Key West history. Seemingly more than affect other communities. Could be Key West’s location. Stuck out as the nation’s southern most point, isolated in ocean waters from two different huge bodies. Little attention paid to the community comparatively speaking.

Most are unaware of the negatives that have plagued Key West over the years. Two stick out. One, the Ku Klux Klan. The other, leprosy.

I have written often of the Ku Klux Klan and how Key West was Florida’s headquarters for the organization in the early 1920’s. Its President a Key West resident. Lynchings in the years before commonplace.

As to leprosy, I have written little. However ten years ago in 2013, I did write a somewhat lengthy piece about it. What follows is a portion of that blog.

There is good and bad to everything. Many times the bad is hidden/forgotten. Especially in the instance where the something bad has turned with the passage of time into a shining gem.

It is the story of leprosy and Key West.

The Biblical plague of all time is leprosy. Monroe County, and especially Key West, had a large number of leprosy victims residing here. It was another time, another century.

Once as many as 100. One of the largest numbers in the United States. None of the victims caught the dread disease here. It was brought from the outside into the Keys.

Leprosy is not contagious. One human to another. Don’t laugh. Leprosy is spread by armadillos. I do not recall armadillos inhabiting this area.

Today, leprosy is treatable. Persons affected are no longer isolated. Since 1942, a drug called Putome is available to cure leprosy.

The problem still exists. About ten cases a year in the United States. I do not know when the last case was reported in the Key West area. Note however that two Key West doctors list in their areas of expertise leprosy.

Moving to today’s news. One item sticks out like a sore thumb.

Absolutely amazing how Trump gets involved in matters where others do not or are not permitted to enter. Reference the Manhattan Grand Jury proceeding today. A fellow by the name of Costello may testify at the request of Trump’s attorneys. Cohen has been recalled for rebuttal purposes, if necessary.

I have never heard of such occurring.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Donald Trump has found a way to protect himself from punishment of state and federal crimes, from before, during and since he was able to get himself elected as president of the United States, with verifiable help from the Russians, which he even publicly asked for.

    America has ignored Trump’s crimes long enough, it is time to convict him and put him in prison. We have long claimed that in America, no one is above the law. We need to prove that, or pay a bigger price than we already have.

      • Who is HRC and please name their arrestable crimes, before, during and after their time in office and of course similiar with Biden – unless of course this is just another one of your ill-informed childish attempts at political smear, without merit.

        Better yet – keep it up, it just proves Lou’s point about right wingers posting while not really knowing what they’re talking about.

      • The Russian dossier was paid for by HRC out of campaign funds.
        Swept under the rug.
        Taking” beach bit” to her government phones and a hammer to the hard parts after a court told her not to.

  2. Purchasing from the GOP their opposition workup of Donald Trump that FOX News later labeled the “Russian dossier” using her own campaign funds, is hardly illegal and never denied or swept under the rug. Your attempt to smear her, or anyone else with this nonsense is exactly what can be expected from a troll who doesn’t know right from wrong and is only able to repeat FOX News smear tactics.

    What is – Taking” a beach bit”

    Hillary Clinton did NOT destroy any phones and there is no record of any phones of hers destroyed after she was told not to. The actuation was made in a Donald Trump twitter tirades. The FBI cleared Clinton of ANY criminal charges (or evidence) of intentional misconduct.

    Stop making things up just divert attention away from real problems.

    • Got that wrong again. The head of the FBI said it when he also said
      no attorney would bring charges against HRC. The Souris supported NY DA has guaranty even a larger Trump vote.
      By the way HRC spent 1,000,000 dollars of campaign money for the for the false dossier. That is the same issue with DT,
      Bleach Bit-what some folks said not to take for Covert 19. But then again said it worked. The high-priced shot pushed by Dr. “F” we now know was junk.

      What are the real problems INFLATION? Or some other BIDDEN MOVE.

      • Boy are you full of Crap 511, or who ever you are S*ndy. You are a Troll just full of hate and aren’t going to let the facts get in the way, are you?

        Beach Bit / Bleach Bit ? OMG, that’s a good one?

        You do understand – nobody likes a troll, don’t you?

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