Several years ago, I received an email from a Cathy in Seattle. She had lived in Key West in the late 1980s and had come across my blog. Her email became the basis for a friendship.

Eventually, we were doing Cocktails at 7 on friday evenings on Zoom. Graduated to three trips by Cathy to Key West where we did the cocktails at 7 bit in person.

Cathy is back in town! She was visiting a girl friend in Fort Lauderdale and flew down here for a long weekend. She arrived yesterday.

We did Cocktails at 7 at La Te Da. What a night! Cathy good company!

As we were enjoying our reunion champagne cocktails at a table by the pool, it began to pour. We spent the rest of the evening inside. Made a night of it. Remained even for the entertainment.

Tonight special also. Cathy is an excellent cook. She knows I love lamb chops. Restaurants don’t carry lamb chops on their menus anymore in Key West. Too expensive I have been told. At the moment she is at the butcher shop on White Street purchasing them. She is cooking for me tonight!

Love the lady!

Trump finally indicted. Not the end. The beginning of the end. He is facing 3-4 more indictments. He will never be the Republican candidate for President in 2024. Each indictment blackens him more. Convictions an absolute disaster.

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority could turn into a disaster for us.

Last night its Board voted to give 2 more top executives and their wives free health, vision and dental benefits for life.

Correct thing to do?

Problems with the water system being evidenced. Three recent breaks in the northern Keys caused Key West to be without water for a period of time.

My question a simple one: Were the water failures the result of a lack of attention and upgrades to the system? Have monies been spent other than where they should have been thereby causing the breakdowns?

One more water failure and those supporting the health benefits will find the public furor unbelievable. 

No one has a problem with employees being paid well. However, not to the detriment of customers!

The water failure and the outrageous payments being awarded certain employees is having mounting concern in Key West. Two comments in the Citizens’ Voice this morning reflect it.

The first: The FKAA “is now saying the feed from the mainland needs a billion-dollar upgrade that apparently was not planned for over time. Lower pressure, outages and pipeline failures are in customers’ futures. Including, of course, rate hikes, I would assume. Into this mix, FKAA wants to give executives with eight years of service, free medical for them and their spouses for life. I guess it’s easy to spend other people’s money.”

The other: “FKAA’s waterline from the mainland is holding on with a wing and a prayer, yet the board wants to give certain employees and their wives life-long benefits. Come on, folks!”

Manatee Appreciation Day!

I missed it. Last wednesday in March.

We love ’em! We encourage boaters to be observant of their existence. Be careful! They are not as smart as us humans.

Enjoy your day!






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