“Donald Trump is the anointed of God.”

The One upstairs or the one downstairs? My choice the one downstairs.

Mount Carmel is the long time home of the Branch Davidian sect near Waco, Texas. Its pastor is Charles Pace. He preaches about the coming apocalypse. His words involve Donald Trump: “Donald Trump is the anointed of God. He is the battering ram that God is using to bring down the Deep State of Babylon.”

Some confusion here.

Biblically, Babylon symbolized and symbolizes evil. God destroyed Babylon, a wicked city in the ancient world. Centuries before the birth of Christ. It has become the symbol for the evils of the world. It is considered the Devil’s Church.

Pastor Pace is confused. Trump is evil. He is the personification of Babylon. If such is the case, how can he be God’s instrument in bringing down the Deep State of Babylon?

Another bit of confusion. Trump recently claimed he is retribution. The Bible tells us the Lord is a God of retribution. Trump sits himself next to God by so speaking. His followers such as Pace similarly visualize him.

Trump’s first rally in his quest for the Republican nomination for President in 2024 takes place later today in Waco. Trump selected Waco for his opening rally because 30 years ago it was the setting of a weeklong standoff between federal agents and the then Branch Davidians. The weeklong time frame involved a gun fire and fire altercation which followed a 50 some odd day standoff between the two groups where no actual combat was involved. Eighty two Branch Davidians and 4 federal agents were left dead at the end of the week. Some 25 of the Branch Davidians were children.

Waco is considered by Branch Davidians to have been an overreach by the government 30 years ago. Similarly today. Trump has made it so with his claim that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is overreaching in his attempt to indict him.

Expect Trump today to rabble rouse the far right who are expected in large numbers to support him. Expect an extension of Trump’s words this past week that if Manhattan indicts him, there will be violence. Fighting in the streets.

Recall his words earlier this past week when he thought he was to be indicted tuesday: “Protest. Take our country back.”

Yesterday, Trump said there was “potential for death and destruction” if he were indicted.

Such is Trump the God announcing the apocalypse that his indictment will bring forth. The words of a sick, evil man. A sociopath.

A confrontation could occur. If so, a temporary one. Trump is evil. Good will prevail. The people of the U.S. are basically good people.

March Madness continues. No #1 seeds left. San Diego State knocked off #1 Alabama last night. Miami defeated #1 Houston.

The weather continues to beat us down. A massive tornado ran over Mississippi last night. So far, 23 reported killed. Based on the photos on TV this morning, the tornado did massive damage. The final death number will far exceed 23.

I am going to enjoy corned beef and cabbage tonight with Ted Kane. The venue is Sally O’Brien’s Irish Pub. Corned beef and cabbage on the menu every day. The meal Ted and I missed St. Patrick’s Day.

Enjoy your day!

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