No blog yesterday. Sorry. Sick. Woke in the middle of the night with chest pain. Big time! Nitroglycerine wasn’t working. My panic was. As I was getting ready to press the button for an ambulance, the pain began receding. So I rode it out. Pain eventually dissipated. 

Sleep did not return however. 

My body caught up on sleep and rest it apparently needed at 3 yesterday afternoon. I fell asleep and did not wake till 5 this morning. The last time I had a sleep like that I was in college.

Feel fine today.

I enjoyed dinner tuesday night at La Te Da with Ted Kane. Kane a retired lawyer from upstate New York. The last time I saw him was pre-COVID. He is visiting Key West for a month.

We had an enjoyable two hours together. The evening was over at 8:30. I was home in bed and asleep by 9. It was later that night that my chest acted up.

TV has been advertising lately an aid to help those who suffer from sciatica. Another of my old age infirmities.

My right thigh hurts like hell if I walk too far. Too far is a block or half a long block. I saw an ad for a wrap around that claimed to prevent the pain. $19.95. I ordered it.

The brand Vive. I recommend it.

When I dine at La Te Da, I park in the County Office Building lot on Simonton. Walk up the side street. Half way up, the thigh pain kicks in. Not gradually. Hits.

I wore the Vive wrap around for the first time. My test for it. Buy it if you have the problem!!!!! It worked! No pain. Going or coming.

I was supposed to have dinner at Tavern ‘n Town wednesday evening. Never made it. Dinner was during my big sleep. However, I had already advised Fred Klein I would not be making it and why.

The team met. Six of them. Klein and Bunny Hyman Syracuse grads. David Berger we let join us. He’s a Colgate grad. Guy de Boer also. A fifth new person. Never met him. Have to wait till the next dinner. He owned a piece of a Kentucky Derby winner.

Fred will write about the dinner tomorrow in his weekly blog. Fred is a New York City labor lawyer. You should read tomorrow’s blog about the dinner and, assuming you enjoy, read it every friday.

I wrote last week how Trump dirties everyone around him, including his attorneys.

The attorneys are too blame, also. They know better. They know how to say “no” to things, but prefer representing a person of prominence like Trump. They forget the most valuable material thing in their lives is the license to practice law. It should never be jeopardized.

Evan Corcoran the most recent to be tainted. He should have known better.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are against transgender health care. The group, which is anti-Pope Francis also, has joined their evangelical brethren once again in playing politics.

What will God’s position be when they meet their Maker face to face? What will the Lord say re their refusal to provide gender-affirming care to those experiencing gender dysphoria?

The U.S. Bishops forget we are all God’s children.

March Madness kicks in again today. Sweet Sixteen. Eight matchups.

The road to the Final Four begins tonight!

It was announced yesterday that Rick Pitino will be coaching St. John’s in basketball in the Big East. He signed a $20 million six year contract.

Pitino spent the last 3 seasons coaching Iona. Brought the team to prominence. His 3 years at Iona were part of the penance he has been forced to pay since the “Louisville scandal” some years ago.

Pitino is top shelf. St. John’s will be a top basketball force nationally once again within 3-4 years.

The man has coached professional basketball also: The Knicks, Celtics and in Greece and Puerto Rico.

I know Pitino. Not through basketball. The horses/Saratoga.

Pitino is a horseman. Owns and runs them. He spent August in Saratoga each year. That is where I met and got to know him. I enjoyed each August watching him bid on horses at the auctions.

He sponsored a charity golf tournament each August in Saratoga. Five thousand dollars a head to play. My son and I would play. Game and banquet. A class event. Everyone attended.

I always distinguished myself. The player with the highest score always got a round of applause. That was me.

The course was tough. No matter how many balls I had in my bag, one year I ran out. They sent someone from the clubhouse with a box of a dozen. I needed them all.

Where did “OK” come from?

The initials were first published in The Boston Morning Post on 3/23/1839. It was an abbreviation for “oll korrect,” a popular misspelling of “all correct” at the time.

OK became a part of everyday American speech. It will still be a 100 years from now.

Monroe County Commissioners approved this week the purchase of 3 new Trauma Star Helicopters.

Three Leonardos. Total bill $52 million.

The County’s present helicopters are 22 years old and difficult to repair. Parts no longer made. It was time to purchase new ones.

Understand the value of the helicopters. Their use is free to residents and property owners of Monroe County. Any serious injury requiring surgery and/care  is beyond the care available in Key West. The helicopters are necessary to get our people to Miami and the major hospitals and specialists available there.

Though I no longer play and when I did played poorly, I love golf.

It was on this day in 1929 that the first 6 holes of the golf course on Stock Island opened for play.

The Key West Golf Course today is a well kept beautiful one. None better in the Keys. A course of which Key West can well be proud.

Enjoy your day!


  1. God Lord Lou – Dinner at La Te Da with A lawyer from upstate New York?+ No wonder you woke up in the middle of the night with chest pains. You of all people should have known better.

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