The Lincoln Memorial will in due course be getting an underground museum. A new one. There has never been an underground museum as part of the Lincoln Memorial. The cost $69 million. It is anticipated the underground museum will be finished by 2026.

While the Lincoln Memorial was being built between 1914 and 1922, a cavernous space was dug underneath the monument. The area 43,800 square feet. Called an undercroft. Built with rows of tall concrete columns to support the Memorial’s weight and create the illusion it was situated on top of a hill. 

The undercroft will serve a new purpose. After extensive renovation, it will become an immersive museum dedicated to the popular Monument on the surface above.

I had the opportunity many years ago to visit the Memorials. The two most impressive, and equally so, were those of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. The word awesome best describes the two.

Vacation time for Congress. Tomorrow the last day in session for the House and Senate. Then home for a two week vacation. Not really so. Actually 18 days.

Why a vacation is needed, I do not know. My concern is with the House of Representatives for the moment. The House has accomplished nothing of significance so far this year. Except of course attacks on everything Democratic. The Republicans leave Washington with the debt ceiling problem not resolved.

Debt ceiling talks  require the Republicans to submit a proposed budget. The Democrats did theirs some time ago. Much cannot be accomplished without each side having proposed budgets which can be compared and argued, etc.

The manner in which the Republicans are fighting the debt ceiling battle  suggests it is one they will lose. They played a similar game years ago. Whether they force a government shut down or come close to one, the result will be a bad one for the U.S. economy. It was a disaster for the government and economy the last time. It would be again.

Mike Pence is spineless. He lacks “balls.” 

He stood firm on January 6 when the insurrectionists were chasing around the Capitol shouting “Hang him!” Yet he does not want to testify before a DOJ grand jury and answer questions involving Trump. 

A political whore.

Part of the American population is screwed up. Ok to ban books. Not ok to ban AR-15s or control their distribution.

Books don’t kill. AR-15s do.

Books don’t kill school children. AR-15s do.

Pope Francis was hospitalized yesterday. A respiratory problem. He was having difficulty breathing.

May God watch over him. Francis’ work not yet done.

I came across an interesting quote re love. Think about what you will read. A lot of truth in its words: “You don’t fall in love with someone because they’re perfect. You fall in love with someone in spite of the fact that they’re not.”

Enjoy your day!


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