The Nashville shootings are swiftly reflecting certain persons don’t get it. Many Congressional persons. Especially where school children are concerned.

Covenant has made it obvious that some Tennessee Congressmen are not open minded to finding a solution to the gun problem. Clearly indicating these Congresspersons are “owned” by gun manufacturers. It’s all about money! AR-15s are the biggest sellers in the industry.

The Covenant School sits in GOP Congressman Ogles district. His post shooting attitude re a 2021 Christmas card reflects a don’t care attitude. Recall in yesterday’s blog, I spelled out the Christmas photo situation with the Congressman and his family all holding AR-15s, or replicas thereof.

The Congressman should have regrets re the card following the shootings. He does not. When asked by a reporter if he did, he asked, “Why would I regret a photo exercising my rights to bear arms?” He added re the shootings that “mental health” was the issue.



Then there is Congressman Tim Burchett. Bess Levin nailed him to the wall. She wrote he won “the award for the most fucked up response to the Covenant School shooting…..criminal.” She added, “The most calloused.”

This Tennessee Congressman claimed on TV that gun safety and gun reform were not the issue. He did state the deaths were “a horrible, horrible situation.” However, “we’re not going to fix it…..Criminals are going to be criminals.”

He went on to suggest evil was involved and the U.S. needed a revival to correct the problem.

Lets move over to Trump and another issue. Attendance at the Waco Rally.

It is a given Trump exaggerates and lies.

The crowd was initially estimated at 15,000. No pics or TV indicating size of crowd shown however. On his plane after the rally, Trump told the press 25,000. On the Hannity show the following night, Trump said the press was indicating 25,000-30,000 people…..however that number can at least be doubled.

One way or another, he’ll goose it up to the 40,000-50,000 area.

A local problem of concern. Involves the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority.

Water is suddenly a problem. Why?

Has the FKAA been spending in wrong areas? Excessively in some?

This morning’s Key West Citizen in a front page article advised that the FKAA Board will vote wednesday whether to give one of its top administrators and his spouse health benefits for life. Same benefits were recently given to their top attorneys and spouses, as well as two former executive directors and their spouses.

Then there is the new FKAA building. A lovely structure.

Who owns it? The FKAA or some third party with FKAA leasing it? If so, who is that third party? What are the lease details?

What are the salaries and bonuses being paid to top executives and Board members?

Water users have a right to know. A lot of money involved. Those paying their monthly water bills do not have guaranteed health benefits for themselves and their spouses for life. Nor based on recent experience, a reliable water system.

Enjoy your day!


  1. yeah, guns don’t kill, it’s christian transgender women who do!

    Republicans are trying to make this latest shooting out to be the fault of everything but what it really is, ignoring the facts. This was a young christian person, raised in a christian home, by loving christian parents, educated in private christian christian schools, who shot and killed some other people with an azzault rifle in a christian school he/she knew well.

    I think several conclusions can be drawn from this, one above all others – this fundamental christian religion stuff doesn’t seem to work as a solution or deterrent from bad things happening, so let’s cut that as a solution. Guns on the other hand are a factor in every single incident.

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