I watched Trump’s rally in Waco on TV saturday night. As much as was permitted.

The major networks did not carry the rally. I nevertheless wanted to watch it. I have always believed in viewing the enemy in action.

Two channels carried the show. RSBN and Trump’s YouTube. Good luck re RSBN. All I could get was repeated shots of people standing outside prior to Trump even appearing. Trump’s YouTube became it for me. First time I ever watched anything on it. 

The channel is Trump’s own. It was poorly shown, produced. Not typical of a Trump presentation.

The event took place at the Waco Regional Airport. Trump flew in on his private jet. Read somewhere it was a new one. Named Trump Force One.

The rally was scheduled for 6 pm ET. It did not begin timely. The plane was 45 minutes late in landing. Instead of landing, it circled while loudspeakers on the ground were blasting the theme song Danger Zone from the new Top Gun movie.

The rally an outdoor one. The plane landed right next to the seated crowd.

The door to the plane took forever to open. Way too long. When opened, Trump walked out. Waving his fist. Entered the seated crowd near the speaker’s platform. Trump stood there while a religious and democratic event took place. Alleluia was played like forever. The Star Spangled Banner sung. Interrupted several times while Trump spoke phrases from The Pledge of Allegiance.

Sounds well planned and organized. Was not. Nothing timely. Breaks too long in many instances. Not a Trump show!

I actually heard Trump speak for 1 hour 45 minutes. Then the rally was cut off. Trump was nowhere finished. He was on a roll. His speech to that point covered a multitude of what he perceived as wrongs. More was to come. How long and what I never heard. For example, I never heard anything about indictments. I am sure Trump had much to say about them.

I read Trump wrote the speech himself. Such would be why it covered a multitude of items.

The man appeared tired. His presentation not the usual Trump tirade. Soft spoken and calm. Ass dragging calm. It lacked enthusiasm.

What I did hear was an address permeated with violence and threats of violence. Also typical Trump exaggerations. He overdid/amplified much.

The Trump people reported prior to the rally that the crowd was expected to reach 15,000. Not an impressive number. However, I do not know if it did. The camera never played on the crowd. Ergo how many not recorded.

What follows has nothing to do with Trump or the rally. Confucius say: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

The Final Four has been decided. All four a surprise: UConn, Miami, San Diego State and Florida Atlantic. Next weekend going to be wild!

There is pending approximately $500 billion in lawsuits against John and Johnson Baby Powder. Claimed to cause ovarian cancer in women and mesothelioma. 

Sales have been stopped in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2022, a federal judge set aside a trust of $3 billion to cover the cases. The amount is on appeal by certain plaintiffs and their attorneys as being grossly inadequate.

The case huge. Dollar wise and numerically. Similar to the environmental cases I handled years ago.

The first environmental case I was involved in was the second “big one” in the U.S. I represented two companies that sued 603 companies and persons that my clients considered responsible persons for contaminating a landfill..

One of the two companies I represented was Chesebrough-Ponds. At the time of contamination, Chesebrough owned Johnson and Johnson. Johnson had a plant in upstate New York that made band aids. In those days, some of the band aids had mercurochrome in the gauze portion when sold. Fire engine red. The EPA had sued Chesebrough directly for the Johnson mercurochrome band aids on the grounds that the mercurochrome contained traces of a hazardous substance.

Defectively produced band aids were dumped by Johnson in a nearby landfill. The landfill had become contaminated over the years  purportedly by my two clients and the 603 companies and persons they sued.

A recent study suggests sniffing the sweat of other persons can help in treating social anxiety. Armpit sweat!

The study discovered a 39 percent reduction in social anxiety by those sucking in sweaty armpits.

The moral…..Help your friends! Stop bathing!

What a smelly world that would be!

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Trump is weird! He kept the Queen waiting, for over an hour! He’s always late, except for…well, we’ll have to wait for Stormy Daniels’ testimony to cover that.

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