What makes a Vladimir Putin? His childhood. It gave birth to the man of today.

Putin’s childhood adversities created the man intent on destroying present day Ukraine.

Putin was born in 1952 in Leningrad. He was a street kid in a city devastated by a horrific three year siege by Nazis during World War II. Three million died, one million starving to death. His father badly injured in the war, his mother nearly dying of starvation.

He lived in a rat infested apartment with two other families, No hot water, no bathtub, a broken down toilet, little or no heat.

Small in size. Left to fend for himself, severely bullied by other children.

From his parents, he inherited their wartime trauma. Personified by Nazi forces that had threatened his parent’s’ existence. The Nazis affected his parents in every respect. They had little time to be attentive to their son. Grandparents and other close relatives were non-existent. Kindness and affection were not part of young Putin’s world.

He was a troublemaker in school. A sixth grade teacher befriended him. Her attention made some changes in his life. He became an excellent student in high school. Learned judo to defend himself, got a law degree, and was elected to the KGB.

Nevertheless, the damage to his psyche had been done by his earlier years. The man that developed was machismo, distrustful and unpredictable. An individual who cultivated disinformation to advance his own agenda at any cost.

History tells us that abused people without love in their childhood, are capable of severe damage. Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong all suffered years of merciless beatings and other unconscionable abuses in childhood and went on to be responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

A childhood similar to Putin’s, with abuse and/or neglect and not enough love, were ingredients to becoming the abusive dictator and autocrat he is.

Putin’s statements following 2/22 one year ago reveal his childhood influence affecting his thought operation. Phony, of course. Putin was out to save Ukraine from the humiliation and genocide being perpetrated by the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian Nazis. Also, his goal was to bring to justice those Ukrainians who had committed bloody crimes on upon the Ukrainian people.

What Nazis? What bloody crimes? The experiences of his youth had radically warped his judgment.


  1. excellent read Louis. I just read the biography written by Winston Groom called “The Allies” about Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Stalin was perhaps the worst of all dictators and his childhood was horrendous. The other two were exact opposites and their leadership reflected it. Have a great day!

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