Tucker Carlson has come up with a new conspiracy theory. The train coming off the tracks in an area with a lot of white people was probably on purpose: “East Palestine is overwhelmingly white and it’s politically conservative and that shouldn’t be relevant, but it very much is.”

The people of East Palestine must be heard. Tests coming up negative at this time meaningless where environmental problems involving escaping toxins are involved. The bad stuff is fermenting, germinating. Valid results not available for years.

In the meantime, people exposed and suffering.

Most East Palestinians believe they are “dying slowly.” Sudden bizarre health issues affecting some.

A man whose voice has dramatically changed. He now speaks in a high pitched tone making him sound like Mickey Mouse. Sore throats developing. Temporary loss of smell and taste by some. Eye infections. Out of breath.

People believe they are being “poisoned slowly.”

Recall “Love Canal.” I referred to Love Canal and compared it to East Palestine early on when no one else was so doing. Early persons were comparing East Palestine to Chernobyl. I said not Chernobyl, but Love Canal. East Palestine now being referred to as the “new Love Canal.”

A new love and learn. Involves movie actor Steven Seagal. Surprising!

Yesterday, Hollywood actor Steven Seagal had bestowed on him the Russian Order of Friendship by Putin.

Turns out Seagal has been a long time Kremlin apologist. He cheered Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. He became a Russian citizen 2 years later. Also, a Siberian citizen. He maintains “triple citizenship.”

He visited eastern Ukraine in August 2022.

He is close to Putin and considers him a special person: “One of the great living leaders.”

Now 70, he was prominent in U.S. films in the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s. Always portrayed as a protector of the poor and downtrodden. Always on the side of and working in some fashion for the U.S. government. In the 2000’s, he has continued in film and TV to a lesser degree.

How long can Putin put boots on the ground in Ukraine?

He is losing 600-1,000 troops a day. He is getting “troops” from any source. Russian jails an example.

How long can he continue in this fashion? He has to run out of troops and sources at some point.

When will the Russian people say no more to the war?

Syracuse plays Georgia Tech at 7 this evening. My recollection is Syracuse has lost 4 in a row. Only 3 games left in the season. May Syracuse win this one. May it win all 3!

Enjoy your day!

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