An early morning surprise wakeup! Biden in Kyiv!

A great show of support for Ukraine and NATO. An act of bravery. Though I do not believe it was necessary. If Putin had wind of it, he would have taken all steps necessary to take Biden out. Ergo from my perspective, an act of foolishness on Biden’s part.

The media says Biden crossed over into the Ukraine and traveled to Kyiv by train. An extra secret move. Reminded me of the train trip(s) Lincoln had to take to be inaugurated. History tells us Lincoln had to camouflage himself by wearing a strange cap.

Today is President’s Day. Among the oldest federal holidays. Originally signed into law in 1879 to honor George Washington’s birthday February 22. Today recognizes all Presidents, past and present.

A Presidential live and learn tidbit.

John Tyler was the Nation’s tenth President. “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!”

The live and learn item: Tyler was our most prolific President. He fathered 15 children. Eight by his first wife, seven by his second.

The Civil War began in his last year on Earth. A Virginian, Tyler went with the Confederacy. He was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives. However died before the Confederacy’s first Congress could be assembled.

Spain thursday approved a law allowing women to take medical leave for “period pain.”

“Menstrual leave” is not common by law in the U.S. Some companies do offer it however as part of their benefits package.

This day in 1967 a momentous occasion in Key West. The beginning of something big by a big man. The man one of the most important in Key West history. Among other things, he had the vision to see what the Gulf end of Duval Street could be.

The man David Wolkowsky. It was on this day in 1967 that he began construction of the Pier House Motel.

Brittney Griner, the American woman basketball star who was imprisoned for nearly one year in Russia, has signed a 1 year contract with the Phoenix Mercury. Salary $165,100.

Her salary shows why she and other female stars go to foreign countries in the off season to play. They need the money. Professional women’s basketball should be ashamed to pay such paltry monies to its players.

I was critical yesterday of sportswriters who do not recognize the greatness of Jon Rahm. They say he has yet to make it in the world of golf.

They can’t be serious! His statistics already are historic.

Rahm won again yesterday. The Genesis Invitational. His 3rd win this season. The season only a few months old. The win his 5th in his last 9 starts. The win also made it possible for him to return to the #1 ranking as the best golfer in the world.

All this and he is only 28 years old.

Tiger Woods was able to play all 4 rounds, though his pain in walking was recognizable yesterday. He did well overall. He ended one under par. Woods considered this “progress” on his part.

He played poorly yesterday. Shot 73. The day before 67.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I enjoyed your blog Louis. Biden’s visit to Ukraine reminded me of Winston Churchill’s travels to meet with world leaders during WW2. He always flew in a Lancaster heavy bomber with no special comforts. Not even heat! He just bundled up, lit a cigar and off they went. Have a great week!

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