I love Key West. That love gives me the right to share my observation that Key West has become greedy. Exceptionally so. From the cost of homes and rents to hotel and restaurant charges.

An example. high end restaurants now charge for ice cubes. Anywhere from $3 to $4 per drink. And they are not ashamed to let you know. Menus specifically show the “rocks” charge next to the mixed drink.

I have written and otherwise commented on the greed that has over taken Key West in the past. It cannot keep up! It will not continue!

However the time frame between now and when it ceases even I cannot say. It has to reach a point where locals and tourists alike say no more! Such is a built in self destruct mechanism.

It has happened in the past. Key West was once a significant gay community. No longer. Things got expensive. The gays turned to Miami and Fort Lauderdale where everything was 50 percent cheaper.

A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice addressed the issue: “For the love of God, please stop the slow, painful death of Key West! Greed is hell bent on running the town. Government officials where are you? Do something to stop the carnage before it’s too late.”

Another comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice provides food for thought: “If guns don’t kill people, then drugs don’t kill people.”

The Georgia grand jury foreperson has been on a “full blown” media tear. I am concerned. Discussing grand jury minutes has always been a no no.

Bess Levin succinctly discussed the situation in her 2/22 Vanity Fair article: What The Hell Is The Trump Grand Jury Forewoman Thinking?

She described Emily Kohrs’ “media” as “bizarre.”

I agree. Kohrs’ conduct not responsible citizenship.

Since Trump’s visit to East Palestine yesterday, many media persons have “mocked” his gift of “Trump Water.”

By so doing, Trump played into concerns about the local water. Trump said the bottles were mostly of his own brand, plus some of lesser quality.

Pictures showed pallets of bottled water labeled “Trump” on their face. Trump standing beside the pallets of water, of course.

I found his delivery generous. In any amount.  Yet concerning. Eighteen thousand bottles of water not that much. I was unaware Trump has been selling “Trump” bottled water. Researched a bit to find out more about it. Found nothing! Which raises the question in my mind whether Trump had the 18,000 bottles specially put together to make a Trump type impression on the people of East Palestine.

The other thought that occurred was something I recall from Trump’s past when he was President. Trump’s administration repealed safety rules for “high hazard cargo trains.”

On this day in 1861, President-Elect Abraham Lincoln arrived “secretly” in Washington to take office, following word of a possible assassination plot in Baltimore.

“Secretly” is the key word.

I mentioned the other day Biden’s trip to Kyiv. “Secret” and involved a 10 hour train ride.

The word was out of a possible assassination on his life. Lincoln dressed not in his usual attire. Also wore a strange hat. All so he would not be recognized. His trip of course was by train.

Two great Presidents!

Turkey has 900,000 persons living in tents. Nowhere near enough.

The tents are set up in orderly fashion. Food, water and clothing still in dire need.

Total deaths in Turkey/Syria combined now in excess of 49,000 and growing each day.

Clemson decimated Syracuse last night 91-73.

Two observations.

The season can’t be over too soon for me. And, Biden has to come up with a way for his sacred zone defense to stop 3 pointers.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “KEY WEST GREED

  1. Twitter is alive with posts that the water Trump brought to that Train Wreck is likely old and past it’d “due” date. Apparently his “Trump Ice” water brand was discontinued in 2010, which makes his use of it now dubious and perhaps dangerous.

    We all know this is just another one of his (paper towels) stunts, but it’s also a tax right off for him.

    Maybe he should have paid attention to his careless deregulation and less to cheap political stunts that can both endanger peoples lives.

  2. Key West has always been greedy to it’s own determent. I remember the mid and late 90’s noticing how Sing’s Truman Annex changed everything. Conservative carpet-baggers who were coming here and loving the liberal lifestyle bought up ‘clean’ housing in the walled off HOA Truman Annex, then complaining how the rest of the island was to scruffy.

    Nothing has ever been the same since.

  3. Hey Lou, key west greed is evident with The Citizen newspaper. The Citizen wants $160 per year for the Online only edition. Ive wanted to subscribe since moving off ewy but not at that price. My choice!! I’ll just continue to get all the key west news that matters from your blog!
    Thanks. … could you start to include a daily crossword and maybe a soduku or two?

  4. On the rocks. You aren’t paying for ice. You’re getting a bigger pour than you would with a mixed drink or in a shot.

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