Anti-war protesters met at the Washington Monument and marched to the White House sunday. Waving Russian and red Soviet flags. Putin being praised as a “Russian patriot.”

The rally was promoted by FOX News’ Tucker Carlson.

Tolerated because of Freedom of Speech. So too my feelings: Sick and disgraceful!

Biden’s secret trip to Kyiv. Unbelievable. The Lord watched over him.

Biden snuck out of Washington to Kyiv. In the middle of the night. Not even Air Force One used. Instead an Air Force C-32 to Poland. Then a 10 hour train ride from Poland to Kyiv.

Hours before beginning the journey, U.S. officials had given notice  to Moscow of Biden’s trip. Moscow was advised for “deconfliction purposes.”

Rare for a U.S. leader to travel to a conflict zone where the U.S. or its allies do not control the airspace.

A black cloud continues to hang over Turkey and Syria. They were hit by a second earthquake. Another big one. A 6.3.

The people were panicked. Properly so. How much of a beating can a people take? Additional dead bodies will be found above and below the rubble. Dead from first quake two weeks ago exceeds 47,000 and was still growing.

Historically, artists do not get paid to perform at a Super Bowl. Rihanna was not paid for her half time performance.

It is the custom.

Only “expenses and production costs are covered.” The NFL additionally offers  a “union scale,” which is a fraction of the six or seven figure sums performers usually earn.

There is a reason behind the practice. The half time show is considered a Super Bowl commercial for an artist’s work.

Rihanna’s post show sales are not yet available. However, sales by past performers clearly indicate sales “soar” after their performances. For example, Lady Gaga’s album and song sales increased by 1,000 percent following her 2017 performance. J. Lo’s by 335 percent after her 2020 show.

A live and learn tidbit for today from British history.

There was a time when British boys wore pink and young girls blue.

Red was considered a strong, virile, masculine shade while blue was dainty, delicate and feminine. So young boys were frequently seen in pink, young girls blue.

It wasn’t till the early 20th century – quite possibly as late as the 1940’s – that pink began to be universally assigned to girls and blue to boys.

I shall be enjoying lunch to day with a special person. Don Manaher.

Don and I have not seen each other in years. He is in town. We are lunching together at Harpoon Harry’s. The tuesday lasagna special motivated the selection of Harpoon Harry’s.

Enjoy your day!


    • Done. He was pleased. He survived the worst! Cancer in the brain and lung. Brain problem gone. Lung in remission. His attitude good. It was great to spend a couple of hours with him. We laughed a lot.

  1. Tucker Carlson is nothing more than a traitor hiding behind his self anointed characterization of a patriot. This is also true of those that continue to watch him on his nightly platform with his sympathetic and equally guilty employer.

    Joe McCarthy must be rolling over in his grave.

      • That’s nonsensical me-tooism, EVEN if it was true.

        Jane Fonda was not the host of a National Network talk show, with millions of subscribers.

        Jane Fonda was smeared politically, Tucker Carlson comments are self evident and a matter of record. He also is a national commentator paid for what is expected to be at least honest.

        Quit trying to be clever, it’s above your pay grade!

          • No “Larry”, war is NOT good, and that’s not what I or Lou said – and don’t change the subject.

            The least you could do is apply the same scorn you profess for Jane Fonda, onto Tucker Carlson and those that approve of him (That includes FOX News), rather than throw cover on him with your Jane Fonda nonsense or by changing the subject.

              • No Larry, no one but you is saying war is good. Lou and I both are only saying the Tucker Carlson praising Putin is not a good thing, and “nothing more than a traitor hiding behind his self anointed characterization of a patriot. This is also true of those that continue to watch him on his nightly platform with his sympathetic and equally guilty employer.”

                STOP trying to twist things around and cover (apparently praise?) Tucker Carlson and his supporters and enablers. This is serious and if Joe McCarthy was around today he would try and have him (TC) put in jail, as he (JM) did to many people for having said and done far less than him (TC).

                • “In blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, this government has used illegal and unconstitutional means to destroy the energy resources needed to protect millions of people in Europe during the winter, and then to profit from its illegal actions by selling energy to Europe at a four to six times markup.

                  “We know what each of you did. We will not rest until you are held accountable by Congress, by the International Criminal Court, and by the American people at the next election.” – Disgraceful sicko, Dennis Kucinich (speaker at the peace rally)

                  • “Larry” or whoever you are – This was NOT an issue about what Dennis Kucinich has said now or whenever – deplorable or otherwise. Nor is it a forum for what anyone else has ever said, deplorable or otherwise. This is Lou’s blog where HE criticized Tucker Carlson for praising Putin. My response was with regard to that as well.

                    Why are YOU attempting to hijack Lou’s blog to talk about all kinds of other people? It seems to me that you are only trying to change the subject in a way to throw cover and/or support Tucker Carlson.

                    If you can’t stick to the subject at hand and insist on talking about only your agenda, you are either a troll or a fool and should be treated accordingly.

                    • Thanks to your wondaful bloodlust, the doomsday clock is now closer to midnight than ever before. a Nuclear WWIII is on the horizon, thanks to “Andy” and his fellow war mongers. Congrats.

  2. Hey Andy, don’t bother with that Larry McGoo poster, it’s just Sandi or Patrick same guy probably. he’s just a troll who thinks she’s cute and feels his childish rants will somehow own the Libs. pathetic never going to happen.

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