Key West mourned saturday at the funeral service for 21 year old Garrett Hughes at The Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church.

Garrett had been shot in a parking lot incident last week behind a building on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Garrett was much loved. Such was obvious by the crowd at St. Mary’s. More than 700 attended the service. The huge overflow crowd extended outside and onto Truman Avenue.

Former school administrator Amber Acevedo said, “There are some that bring a light so bright to the world that even after they are gone, the light remains…..Garrett was one of those special people.”

Georgia grand jury revelations by a chairwoman confuse me. Grand jury proceedings are “secret.” No disclosures, except as provided by law. What the chairwoman of the Trump grand jury did, definitely outside legal boundaries.

The Georgia grand jury system appears to be different from that of other states. The grand jury in question merely recommends who should be indicted, if anyone. Then it is up to the District Attorney to decide if indictment(s) should be sought. If so, another grand jury is convened for that purpose.

Fulton County is where the purported crime was committed. The District Attorney of that county Fani Willis would take the grand jury inquiries to the next step. She has done a good job so far with the first grand jury. Now time to move swiftly and indict. Trump’s indictment long overdue. Trump is no different than anyone else. He must be treated as all persons are under the law. No special consideration.

There is an old saying in the law to the effect that justice delayed is justice denied. I fear time works in Trump’s favor. Willis should nail him without further delay.

The East Palestine train derailment/toxic contamination matter continues to cause me grave concern. I am not impressed with government follow up to date. The EPA Director visits and offers words of condolences. Even had himself photographed drinking local water. Keeps advising responsible parties will be held responsible.

All does no good. The immediate concern to the East Palestine residents is safety. They feel insecure. They are afraid. All properly so.

I am disappointed for the first time with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He is doing a lousy job on this problem. It is obvious he does not understand the nature of the problem. Just as the EPA Director does not.

This is a different environmental problem. The government is lucky it has been involved since day one, not years later. Therein lies the problem. Environmental  agencies are unaccustomed to handling a problem of huge proportions from day one.

New investigative approaches are required. What, I don’t know. The government does not either. What the government must do is begin thinking outside the box and put on board persons who can think that way.

Some economic insights.

U.S. home sales have fallen for the 12th consecutive month. Down 37 percent over January 2022.

The average American tenant is rent-burdened. Now pays more than 30 percent of income. Wages have failed to keep up with rent hikes. Affordable units remain scarce.

Real estate property taxes dramatically different when states compared one to the other. Cheapest state is Hawaii. Most expensive, New Jersey. Florida in the middle. Ranked #24.

January found grocery prices creeping back up. Rose 0.7 percent as compared to December.

Step back 5 years to when Trump first became President. He wanted the U.S. out of NATO. He spoke of Putin in the most friendly terms. He knocked U.S. intelligence for decrying Putin and Russia.

Syracuse/Clemson tonight at 7. Clemson a 4.5 point favorite.

I had a most enjoyable 2 hour luncheon with Don Manaher yesterday. At Harpoon Harry’s.

The first time in years we have been together. It was wonderful for the both of us!

Don has survived two cancers, both affecting him at he same time. A brain tumor now gone and lung cancr which is now in remission. He  now lives in Chicago to be near family and all the doctors he has needed and continues to need.

We talked about everything. We laughed about most.

His one month visit ends next week. We both assured each other we would have lunch together next year at this time.

I have said it before and repeat it again. Don is one of the nicest guys I have known in my lifetime.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “THE LIGHT REMAINS…..

  1. It seems to me that ALL the hot heads and mean people in this country have guns and are EAGER to use them whenever they want. Most of the really good guys don’t, not feeling the need to exert their emotions by having to shoot somebody any time THEY feel wronged.

    This guy needs to be locked up for a long long time. Let’s set this as an example for the rest of us.

    • Hey Conny – Did it ever occur to you that maybe “Preston” Brewer felt threatened for his own life while confronting Garrett Hughes who was taking a piss behind his liquor store? I mean geeees, why does everybody thing it always the shooters fault when somebody dies in a shooting incident?

  2. Dear Lou,
    My family and I lived in Key West 2011-2016-on Fogarty. We miss KW. I love your column. It keeps me connected. My daughter went to high school with Garrett. She’s mourned him.
    Thank you for the update.

  3. You know Lou, many people are saying that the East Palestine train derailment would likely never have happened if Trump had not foolish and dangerously relaxed and removed the safety regulations at the cause of this crash. We do have rules for reason, now we have to pay, while lawyers pile on for something that could have been avoided to begin with.

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