Majoring in the arts in a free fall in college since COVID. One reason, a significant one for students and the high cost of education, is which major will produce a decent paying job upon graduation.

Technical studies produce the most dollars. Those that develop a free for all thinking mind significantly less. The loss is more than in dollars. Art/humanities studies are sensitive and thoughtful in nature and produce similar conditions in the student. An arts major broadens a person’s soul as well as mind.

Man has to appreciate smelling the flowers as well as knowing how to grow them.

In the last six months, residential rents have fallen. The reason being the crush of a newly constructed supply of rentals has hit the market.

At one point during the COVID pandemic and following, rents increased 25 percent over a 2 year period.

I question whether the news will affect the Key West rental market. Remodeled residential properties are renting for $10,000 to $25,000 a month. Key West is a tourist community. The market is different. Key West’s ever increasing rents have dramatically affected seasonal and long term renters who cannot afford the present high rates – whether a house or apartment.

Such is one reason the bottom has fallen out of Key West’s labor force. Workers continue to leave Key West because they cannot afford the higher rents.

Home telephones have come a long way.

I can recall when no one had a telephone. The neighborhood grocer did and calls were filtered through him. Such was before and during World War II. Then came home phones. Party lines. Began with 4 parties (homes) each having a phone line they shared. Not always pleasant or convenient. Recall the movie Pillow Talk.

Four line phones went to two. Then homes were able to get their own line. No waiting for a neighbor to get done with their call.

The phones described to this point were dial ones.

Yes, we’ve graduated. Now most have a cell phone and use that for home and everything else. A home phone alone today is referred to as a land line. Most have done away with land lines. I still keep mine. Need it for certain things I do with the blog.

Which brings me to Key West and the dial phone. On this day in 1952, South Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company began installing a new dial telephone system in Key West. A big deal at the time!

Pence’s refusal to testify before a grand jury is doing him more harm than good. America will definitely never elect him President under the circumstances. Doubt the Republicans will even nominate him.

His pompous goody two shoes attitude is backfiring on him.

Frank Pavone once chaired Catholics for Trump. He is a defrocked Catholic priest. Now, women are coming forward accusing him of sexual misconduct.

The sex scandal is rocking the anti-abortion movement. Pavone is presently director of Priests for Life, a non profit that funnels millions of dollars a year into the anti-abortion movement.

I close with a comment by Ernest Hemingway that I came across. Words of wisdom: “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

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  1. The Catholic Church has become as corrupt and motivated politically as has the Republican party. Yet the “flock” stills stays faithful hypocritically, in both cases.

    What’s wrong with people?

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