Jimmy Carter is in hospice. He is 98 years old. He entered home hospice care Friday. His choice. The former President opted to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention.

The former President’s decision was preceded by a series of short hospital stays. His decision has the full support of his family and medical team.

His grandson Jason Carter said in a tweet that he “saw both of his grandparents…..they are at peace and – as always – their home is full of love.”

A Turkey/Syria quake update.

Friday 3 more persons were rescued. They had been buried 11 days. Their survival a miracle. Water is key to survival. The human body generally cannot live more than 3 days without water. In some instances, there are those known to have survived as long as a week. Longer, God’s will.

The quake obviously horrific. Rescue teams have only been able to work 5 percent of the affected area. Which means those buried in the other 95 percent never had a chance. The devastation covered too large an expanse. There were simply not enough rescue teams available.

Rescue work has ceased in all except two areas.

Yesterday was a sports day all day. From early morning till just after 8 in the evening.

It began with the Genesis Invitational. Third round.

Tiger Woods is playing. His first tournament in months. He just made the cut. You never would have known by the way he played in the third round yesterday. He shot a 67, four under par round. One of the best rounds shot yesterday.

Tiger’s not in the running to win unless he shots a 60 today and the leaders fail dramatically. What he dd yesterday however was dramatic in itself.

I hope he plays as well today.

He hit a once in the lifetime shot on the 13th. The jacket of one of the spectators was wrapped around his waist. Tiger’s shot ended up in the pocket of the jacket.

Jon Rahm leads the tournament by 3 shots.

It upsets me how the man is consistently criticized by sportscasters. Rahm a top player for several years. Big money winner. Many fail to give him the credit he is due. Always saying he’s not there yet.

Rahm’s problem is his drives do not always land on fairways. They have a habit of finding the rough. Nevertheless his shots from the rough find the greens. And so he wins!

Syracuse/Duke in the early evening. A disaster for Syracuse! Duke won 77-55. Syracuse looked terrible. So bad, I would not even place them in the NIT post season. However, that is where they will go.

Dick Vitale was one of the announcers. I can’t warm up to the guy. For years, he has never spoken well of Boeheim or the Syracuse team. Actually, he just plain never speaks of them. Even when they play poorly.

Several times he mentioned Duke had a young team and next year they would be even better. Syracuse’s team is young! Boeheim starts 3-4 freshmen each game.

Dave Bing was in the audience. One of basketball’s greats. A Hall of Famer. Former Mayor of Detroit. Played in the backcourt with Boeheim. They had a great year together in 1976.

Also in the audience was Buffalo Bill’s Damar Hamlin. The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Thirty thousand were in attendance. College basketball does not attract that number of spectators. Syracuse does and has in the past. Generally so when Syracuse’s team is a top one in the country that season.

I attended many home games over the years. Some games were in excess of 34,000.

Attendance has been poor this year. Averaging 17,000 a game. Makes sense. If a team does not play well, loyalty is not 100 percent. What is humorous is that few universities even have the capacity to hold 17,000 for a basketball game. Ergo Syracuse’s attendance even at its worst is better than most.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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