Russia has graduated. Now using rape as a weapon in Ukraine. Disgusting, degenerate sexual abuse.

An article in today’s Daily Beast by Tara Chandra laid it out: “The increasingly desperate Russia military is using coordinated, brutal sexual assault to demoralize the Ukrainian people.” The article suggested: “The U.S. and its allies need to act.”

Systematic campaigns of rape and torture were spelled out. An 11 year old boy raped in front of his mother, the boy no longer speaks. An 83 year old woman raped in her home who is still recovering. An 11 month old baby who died while being raped. Nine year old triplets raped and 11 month old baby sodomized with a candlestick in front of the mother. Adult males being sodomized.

The author blames the lack of action to under reporting. Chandra believes the U.S. and others would react if the wrongs were to be revealed.

I can recall a time when elderly parents moved in with their children. Increasingly not the case any longer. Nearly 26 million Americans age 50 or older live by themselves. More than any time in our nation’s history.

Turkeys still with us. Left overs time.

Yesterday, Sloan brought me some left overs from her Thanksgiving table. Enough for 3 meals. Delicious! She then remained and we worked for a couple of hours.

Jean and Joe Thornton return in the next few days. Jean emailed me yesterday from her Birmingham home where she cooked for the family Thursday that she was bringing with her left over turkey, stuffing, etc. for me.

Love the ladies!

A Thanksgiving turkey story I would like to share. I never had turkey till I was 10-12 years old. I suspect, though I am not sure, turkeys were expensive at the time. The late 1930’s forward.

We were poor. Chickens rather than turkeys on the table.

Thanksgiving was at my grandmother’s. Two large chickens. I recall they were referred to as capons. Capons were castrated. Neutered to improve the quality of the flesh for eating purposes. I recall the capons were moist, tender and flavorful.

I have no older Italians to ask whether I am correct capons were cheaper than turkeys and eaten for that reason. I am an older Italian now and the issue never came up in my mind till I decided to write about capons today. Perhaps Al Cotoia or Bob Marks would know. Let me hear from you guys if you do.

Truer words not spoken. Those by Marilyn Monroe re keeping warm on a cold night: “A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.”

I missed all the Syracuse fun/action yesterday. The basketball game against Bryant was at 4. Not televised and I don’t enjoy streaming on the computer. The football game against Boston College at 7. I ended up forgetting and took a nap instead.

The basketball game first.

Syracuse lost 73-72. I’m getting nervous. Last year all over again?

The action was during the basketball game. Ended up in a rout with both teams on the floor. Players from both teams ejected as well as two assistant Syracuse coaches.

The scenario got better. Boeheim and the Bryant coach had words after the game. Seems some of the Bryant players left the floor at the end of the game without shaking hands. Boeheim did not like the Bryant coach’s words in general to him as well as re the Bryant players who walked off without shaking hands.

I watched the video of the encounter as well as Boeheim’s explanation in the post game.

I have known Boeheim since the late 1970’s. Friends. The man is by the book. The perfect gentleman in every regard. I accept Boeheim’s rendition that the Bryant coach was out of hand and insulting to him.

Glad we won the football game. Beat Boston College 32-23. Syracuse’s season record 7-5. Disgraceful since we won the first 6 games and then lost 5 in a row.

My game plan tonight is to go out. Key West’s First Methodist Church is presenting its annual rendition of The Messiah at 7.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Lou, you’re right about the “capon” !!! I remember going to the “chicken store’ with my mother, the chickens were live and kept in cages !!! she would choose the one(s) she wanted and it would be taken to a back area to be slaughtered and de-feathered/gutted and delivered within a few minutes !!! I can’t recall turkey even being considered for any holiday !!!! It was ALWAYS a “CAPON” !!!!!

  2. Rape is a common thing with Russians. You need only remember the justified fear of German women, hoping the allies would over run Germany before the Russians. They didn’t and almost all the women in places like Berlin were violated. Not pretty.

    A lot of powerful men are the same way, Crosby, Weinstein and Trump, to name just three.

    • Yeah, I think Trump alone has had more credible accusations of rape (or at least sexual a*sault) made against him than all of those Russian soldiers combined!

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