The huge Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Each and every part already running through my head. The anticipation part of the holiday joy for me.

For many, this year’s meal is plagued by its cost. Thanksgiving dinner twice as much this year as last year.

With one exception. Cranberries! Buy more, eat more, enjoy more!

Cranberries this Thanksgiving season are 13 percent cheaper. The reason production is up 4 percent.

Cranberries normally an irrelevant part of the holiday meal. This year has relevancy.

The National Catholic Reporter (NPR) calls them as it sees them when it comes to the Catholic Church. A recent article re the U.S. Bishops’ Conference Annual Meeting reflects its independent position. The NPR reported “the U.S. Bishops’ decline into irrelevance will continue.”

The U.S. Bishops’ organization is not pro Rome. Nor is it pro Francis. Far from it. The group sides with U.S. evangelicals, the far right, Trump and MAGA. They are influenced by the likes of Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich.

A new president was elected at the Conference. Anti-Francis. The new President is Archbishop Timothy Broglio.

He is considered a “culture warrior.”

In the 1990’s, he lacked sympathy for victims of clergy sex. He fought efforts by U.S. bishops to confront the crisis.

He failed to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neither the Bishops’ Conference nor Broglio are friends of Biden. Biden is a practicing Catholic. Yet no plans are in the works for the group and Biden to meet. Nor is such a meeting expected to be arranged. The gulf is distinct. Neither side is interested in one.

Elon Musk continues to amaze me. As does how he became a billionaire.

He appears committed to destroying Twitter. Though he does not appear aware.

Last week, he reinstated Trump to use Twitter. Yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene is thrilled. She vowed to test “every limit of free speech on Twitter.”

May Musk, Trump, Greene and Twitter fail.

Washington Post columnist George Will in a recent column wrote: “Now the GOP can repent for the Trump era by denying him the nomination.”

Will the U.S. ever really have gun control? Biden’s success a few months ago the first piece of significant gun legislation in 30 years. Not enough, however.

Killings continue. Massacres common place. The nation cries out for more control. Stiffer control. Effective control.

A few days ago, killings and injuries were inflicted at a LGBTQ night club in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Yesterday, a Virginia Walmart shooting where 6 were killed and more injured.

The last day for hurricane season is next week on November 30.

Key West has a tradition. The Conch Republic conducts a hurricane flag burning ceremony on November 30. This year’s will be conducted at USCGC Ingham at Truman Waterfront Park. Live music at 4, the burning at 5.

Syracuse lost last night to St. John’s in the Championship Game of the Empire Classic in Brooklyn. In overtime, 76-69.

For me. the game a strange one. It began at 9:30. I am asleep by 9:30 most evenings. I made it last night till about 10 minutes left in the game. Syracuse winning by 10.

The game an excellent one till I fell asleep.

St. John’s came out with a tough brutal in your face defense. Syracuse quickly adapted. Game close. Syracuse up 5-6 points at half time.

Joe Girard scored 31 points the night before. Last night, he was scoreless the whole first half. I think his total was 4-5 points all night. It was not St. John’s defending him that caused his low production. He just did not have it. He appeared exhausted the whole game. Always a step behind. His shots off.

When I dropped off to sleep, Syracuse was ahead 50-40. When I woke, the teams were already into the overtime.

What I did not see was a 16-2 run by St. John’s while I slept. Turned the game around.

St. John’s outscored Syracuse in the overtime 11-4. What I did see clearly indicated Syracuse’s ass was dragging. Sloppy ball. Poor ball handling. Forget scoring.

St. John’s was not affected by tiredness, though they had the same reasons as Syracuse to be.

From what I saw during the game, Syracuse’s defense was outstanding. Dramatically improved from the night before.

I am not down on the team…..yet. They are young. Several freshman. Have the makings of a quality team. Time will tell.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “The Church” (Catholics) is in trouble, because they have done everything wrong for the past 50 years. Still do and just like Republicans, can’t figure out what’s causing it!

    Just like Republicans, “The Church” is now more about politics and power, than it is about “The People”

    Wise up or die.

  2. The right wing wacko’s won’t use Twitter or anything else, if it doesn’t include LIBERALS. For them it is all about “Owning The libs” plus arguments and threats and expressing anger, hate and playing the victim. Never about doing something useful or anything honest

  3. I think George Will is right, hit it on the nose. “Now the GOP can repent for the Trump era by denying him the nomination.” But they won’t do that.

    When is (old school) George Will going to realize that being a Republican is not the same as being smart, or reasonable, or good, or honest, etc., etc.

    Hey George (and the rest of you reasonable Republicans – “STOP BEING REPUBLICAN ZOMBIES AND START BEING SMART and good, and reasonable and smart. Try voting for what’s right and see how much better you’ll feel in the morning.

  4. Voting for Biden certainly is not a vote for ‘what’s right’ and a vote against a progressive democrat will make one feel much better in the morning.

    • Patrick you are free to vote however you please but your closed minded attitude is the perfect example of the problem today with Republicans. You apparently don’t care about good government or what’s good for its people – you are only interested in voting AGAINST any democrat, regardless. You can’t bring yourself to see what’s right and what’s wrong. Seems to me you are the personification of evil itself. And that’s not my definition, that is God’s definition. I will pray for you.

      • Thanks for the offer, but, you don’t need to pray for me Nan. I don’t vote against any democrat. As a reformed democrat I do tend to vote conservative regardless. I do care about good government and what is right. We sure don’t have either right now.

        • Patrick, you have made it VERY clear on Lou’s blog, for at least the last 7 or so years I have read Lou, that you only vote Republican and make it a point NEVER saying anything bad about ANY republican. Now you want to make it sound different? Perhaps you should be add “Liar” to your list of foolish deceptiveness. No, I don’t think I’ll pray for you. You really are evil. I need to pray for the rest of us.

          • LOL !
            I have voted for democrats, since I was one decades ago. I reformed.

            I think it was Reagan that said one should not speak poorly of someone of the same party. There are things I don’t like of some republicans, EVEN Trump. Surprising isn’t it !

            Progressives give me a good chuckle.

            • Not surprising you would outright lie here on Lou’s blog, Patrick, after all, you have denied all kinds of things in the past, even when I personally have found and listed previous posts proving something you said is a total lie.

              And yes, Ronald Reagan said “one should not speak poorly of someone of the same party.” He also said “the Russian language had no word for “freedom.”” which of course it clearly does. Ronald Reagan was famous for saying things that were written for him and some people are stupid for thinking his words were always truthful or for that matter right.

              You Patrick are a liar and an fool. Stop trying to think you can trick people into believing your falsehoods, you are just not that good of a bully.

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