Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Eighty years old today. He is the first man of his age to serve in the Presidency.

Joe Biden has done an exemplary job so far in his two years on the job. Better and more than many have accomplished in 4 or 8 years.

I am 87. I know from experience the problems of functioning at 80 or older. For me, the mind is perfect. It is the body. Like a car as it ages, the parts wear down. So it must be with Biden. Parts are repairable, however. Which means he can handle the job. Proof is his record of accomplishments thus far.

Another evidentiary item is he seems to enjoy the work. He was born to it. His whole life from its political beginnings brought hm to this moment.

Keep up the good work, Mr. President!

I do not understand Elon Musk. He loses money like water running out of a faucet.

He spent $44 billion on Twitter, a business he did not want. In 2 weeks, he sets it on a road to destruction. Fires half the work force, imposes stringent work requirements on those who remain, etc. Worst, he now welcomes Trump back. He claims “the people want him back.”

I have known men of wealth. They covet their money. Protect it. Do not handle it foolishly. Musk deals with his in an opposite fashion.

Forbes reported this week that Musk’s net worth is now $191.4 billion. It was $387 at the beginning of the year. He has lost $195.6 billion thus far this year.

A strange businessman.

Received a call yesterday afternoon. Syracuse friends Don and Chris are in town. Invited me to dinner. I accepted.

Seven Fishes the restaurant.

I am ashamed to admit in all the years I have been in Key West, i have never gone to Seven Fishes. Not the old one or the new. A mistake on my part. I shall make up for the error in the future.

The restaurant is beautiful. Simple modern taste, yet with class.

Met the bartender Eric and host Carl. The meal outstanding. Enjoyed the scallops.

The company of course best. Met Don and Chris at the Chart Room years ago. We hit it off immediately. The Syracuse connection helped.

Don is Vice-President of a South Korean company. He spends much time in South Korea and world wide. Chris works for a company in a similar field.  Both are in sales. Chris just returned from 3 weeks in Berlin.

We enjoyed an early dinner. I was home by 9:30. The Syracuse/Wake Forest game was in its 2nd quarter. Syracuse was leading 21-10. I was a happy camper. Syracuse winning and most of the game remaining.

Typical Syracuse result. Syracuse lost 45-35.

Can’t win for losing!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I think 7-Fish, was better in it’s old place on Olivia. Food in the new place is just as good, and it’s not nearly as cramped, but the Old place had a charm, the new place does not. The new 7-Fish on Truman looks and feels like it belongs in Miami Beach, not Key West.

  2. Joe Biden will go down in history as the worst President this country has ever had. The man is an absolute incompetent and a compulsive liar. As his former boss [ Obama] has said many times, he
    ‘ could always count on Joe to say and do the wrong thing’
    ‘ don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F everything up ‘

    • Patrick (under any of the names he sometimes uses), is a total troll and dedicated “Closed mind Republican.” He would not recognize good government if he saw it.

      He completely and blindly supported Trump in every way possible and is on record multiple times with Lou about supporting Republican dogma regardless.

      Patric has a bad habit of being wrong on just about every subject he brought up over the years and absolutely has no shame posting misleading or just plain lies time after time after time.

      He thinks he owns the libs with his garbage and doesn’t realize everybody is just laughing at him.

  3. I would think that anyone who comes on Lou’s blog and tries to make out that Joe Biden is the worst president EVER, particularly after only two years in and immediately following the Trump presidency, was either crazy or only some sort of political stunt. But this is Patrick, that pathetic idiot who’s been lurking on Lou’s blog for years with his grade school political science stunts, thinking Lou’s readers will take HIM seriously?

    Give it up Patrick, you just don’t have a clue about how reality works and that your efforts are anything but laughable and downright stupid. Your outbursts are nothing but further proof of how bad Republican politics have ruined the Republican party and that the only people that are listening to this crap any more are only what’s left of what once were good people with real ideas.

    I’m also wondering if Lou is just having fun watching you making a fool of yourself.

  4. LOL !

    It’s not hard to look this up. It takes very little effort. But, it’s effort. So those here are unwilling to expend it.

    I find the mind set absolutely fascinating.

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