Happy Thanksgiving!

I love holidays. Miss “my holidays.” As we get older, everything seems to change. Ergo, the “my holidays” reference.

One thing missing in my old age is the special smell associated with Thanksgiving. From the time I woke, the cooking turkey and other foods permeated the house.

Noisy, too. The women cooking and joking in the kitchen.

The smell and noise non existent the past 15 years. Thanksgiving at Lisa’s most of those years. Some Thanksgivings have been shared with friends at their homes or restaurants. Same thing…..noise and smell absent. Understandable. Not my home where the cooking and prep work being done. I am a grateful guest for dinner later in the day.

Tonight, I am enjoying the holiday meal with Don and Chris at La Te Da. The company will make up for the lack of smell and noise.

On this day in 1971, Frank Romano and Joe Liszka opened Key West Fragrance and Cosmetics on Front Street. A unique facility! No other like it in Key West or elsewhere.

Good things for the body were sold. Especially for women. The few male items included after shave lotion. I have been using Key West Aloe After Shave for 20 plus years. How good it feels!

The store was huge. Odor/smell again. Hit you in the face as you entered. Delicately, of course.

Unfortunately, the store is long gone. Sold by Frank and Joe years ago. A tiny store located elsewhere on Front Street. Manufacturing part of the business somewhere else in Florida.

Frank and Joe were active in the Key West community. Instrumental in establishing Fantasy Fest.

Both gentlemen long gone. I became friends with Frank late in his life. We met while working out at the same gym. I became a visitor to their home. Tastefully furnished with an aura begetting their store.

The new crazy Republican House leadership which takes over in January plans on investigating Fauci. They don’t like how he handled COVID. Especially the vaccination portion.

The group probably will speak well of China in some non-COVID respects. Anything to make Biden look bad.

I note in this mornings papers that China’s COVID numbers have hit record highs. How will the radical House members explain China while attacking Fauci?

For whatever reason, Pennsylvania has two communities bearing odd ball names. Names with sexual connotations. Intercourse and Blue Balls. Intercourse an appealing appellation. Blue Balls, not.

Yesterday November 23, 1984 was a significant day in the life of Doug Flutie. With a second remaining, he threw a long Hail Mary pass into the end zone which a team mate caught. The result was Boston College beating Miami 47-45.

Flutie won the Heisman trophy and then went on to playing 21 seasons of professional football.

John Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

Two days later, his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was being removed from the Dallas Police Station to be taken somewhere else. He was being walked up a driveway from an underground parking area. Surrounded by all kinds of police. And everyone else. The driveway was crowded.

I was watching the scene on my mother in law’s TV. Thinking, how stupid! Someone’s going to shoot Oswald. And someone did!

Suddenly Jack Ruby walked up to him, shot and mortally wounded Oswald.

Live on TV.

Enjoy your holiday!




  1. Republicans investigating Fauci will be just another missing Bengazi email investigation. They’ll probably call Jullian Azzange to testify against Hillary’s NJ Pizza Parlor “pedo” ring that Fauci was hiding. These Republicans just can’t be trusted with the truth, can they!

    God forbid they try and do any actual governing!

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