On this day in 1963, President John Kennedy was assassinated. America mourned.

Kennedy was exciting. His family and administration exciting. He brought an excitement to America.

He probably would have gone down as one of America’s finest Presidents. Unfortunately, he was not President long enough. Less than 3 years.

His major accomplishment was the Cuban missile crisis. He avoided what could have been a nuclear war with Russia. Who knows if another President would have handled the confrontation with the same skill he did.

Republicans seem to be screwing up consistently. The weekend found four in the limelight.

ASSHOLE first. Not Trump. Mike Pompeo. Remember Pompeo? Secretary of State under Trump. Graduated first in his class at West Point, magna cum laude from Harvard Law.

Pompeo wants to be President. He has been quietly seeking the Republican nomination for 2024.

He never impressed me as Secretary of State. He impresses me even less today.

In an interview yesterday, he was asked who did he consider the most dangerous person in the world. He replied, “Not Chairman Kim, not Xi Jinping, not Putin. The most dangerous person in the world is Randi Weingarten.”

My immediate reaction: Who the hell is Weingarten? She is the head of the American Federation of Teachers Union.

Pompeo has a “thing” about teachers: He is upset with the “filth teacher’s unions are teaching our kids and the fact they don’t know math and reading or writing.”

Turns out right wing extremists dislike Weingarten and teacher unions. Pompeo is selling his soul to the the extremists in his quest to get the nomination. As is everyone else on the Republican side.

Mike Pence failed to distinguish himself on Meet the Press in a sunday interview.

Pence supported Trump in everything up to January 6 while Trump was President. Pence was the “loyal” #2 man. January 6 cleansed his soul. While the insurrectionists were looking for him to hang, the gallows and rope already constructed on Capitol steps, Pence stood strong and refused to do what Trump wanted.

Pence has now decided he wants to be President. He needs the support of Trump at some point and of the extreme right. He has become a whore in his quest. A whore similar to Kevin McCarthy who knocked Trump big time re January 6 and then flew to Mar-a-Lago to kiss his ring. Pence in effect kissed Trump’s ring on Meet the Press sunday.

Among other things, Pence knocked Justice for the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago. Should have been handled differently. How, he never said. He crucified Fauci for his “vaccination” handling of the COVID pandemic.

Pence makes me sick. Strong language, I agree. The man is a religious fanatic. I have never trusted one.

Alito back in the news. Appears he “leaked” another Supreme Court decision before it was published. A 2014 case concerning access to birth control.

I have written several times over the years re Alito. He is a bitter man. Bitter because he was passed over for the Chief Justice position at one point in time. He “suppresses considerable resentment.” He “has turned out to be angry, dark, retrogressive and historically damaging.” He was recently described: “It’s like he has gained a sense of freedom to change the world in the image he has for it.”

Finally, the Donald himself.

Trump is not reacting well to GOP pleas to stay away from the Georgia runoff. Good luck! He’ll go.

Prosecutors in Trump cases continue to give me concern. There are those who are afraid to do their jobs.

Recall Alvin Bragg. Manhattan District Attorney. Soon after taking office, he announced he was dropping the case his office was investigating against Trump. Furor reigned. Two of the Assistants working on the case resigned.

Bragg apparently has now changed his mind. The rope is back around Trump’s neck. May be tightening.

His office announced the case against Trump for the $130,000 2016 hush money paid to Daniels via Michael Cohen was back under consideration. It was being “refocused.” Six years after the event giving rise to the possible charge.

Syracuse basketball.

Syracuse in the Empire Classic being played at Barclay’s in Brooklyn. Opened against Richmond last night. Syracuse won in overtime 74-71.

Syracuse plays St. John’s tonight at 9:30 in the championship game. St. John’s beat Temple last night 78-72.

Syracuse played well last night…..most of the game. Not all.

Girard had the hot hand. Scored 31 points. Twenty one in the first half.

Syracuse played a zone defense. Surprising since Boeheim had the team practicing and playing man to man in previous games.

Boeheim will admit if the opposing team is hitting its 3’s, the zone can be ineffective. It was much of the second half. Richmond was dropping the 3’s in with frequency.

Except, Syracuse’s defense “woke up” with 6 minutes to go and held Richmond to 1 point. In the overtime, Syracuse held Richmond scoreless for 3 minutes.

Wish Syracuse could play an effective defense a whole game.

Syracuse sucked off the boards. Especially the offensive ones. Lucky to have won with that problem.

I will be glued to the TV set this evening from 9:30 on.

Enjoy your day!


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